Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Audition For A Blood Club

Bathory, now an immortal vampire, has existed for centuries. In modern day New York, she and her lover and creator, Anton, own clubs that offer unusual entertainments. After World War 2 vampirism was made legal. This excerpt concerns an interview at her club:

I was to interview new performers for our blood club. You had already interviewed them. I was pleased for I knew if they got past you, they would be suitable. They looked attractive. Full-lipped and sensual, both of them. They greeted me respectfully, which I liked. “You wish to work here?” I asked. They did. “You must be up to it.” “We are,” they assured me, speaking in unison. I invited them to perform an audition.

“There is a girl waiting. She knows what is expected.” Then, glancing at you, I smiled. When you smiled back, I knew it was going to be a successful audition. The girl was lying on the bed, naked, patiently waiting. We sat at a table. “You may begin,” I spoke pleasantly, and not with the tone of an order, which in reality it was.

After a few moments, our applicants appeared. I was pleased they’d shed all their clothes. Some vampire actors really are a waste of time. These two weren’t. They were handsome, too. The woman had full breasts, not artificially enlarged but naturally full, which is so much better for our purposes. The man was already erect and holding himself. He was quite endowed, but not too big.

Then, in the most graceful of movements, they fell upon the girl, their hands and mouths moving slowly over her body, paying particular attention to her breasts and the area between her legs. I began to touch myself as I watched, aroused.

You leaned over and whispered, “Je t’aime,” as you reached into my blouse to touch my breast. “Not now,” I said. You sighed to show me how disappointed you were. You are such a manipulator. They would feed now. Some blood oozed out as they bit into the girl’s white flesh. She responded by crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. That was good. I made a note. They knew enough to feed gently. She started to tremble and moan but that was because Danielle was always responsive. I had taught her to be; that is, you and I both did. These applicants fed for quite a while. I stood up to catch a better view. We didn’t want something untoward happening.

You realized I was worried and mumbled something that sounded reassuring. They changed places once again; this they did a few times. The feeding had excited them and they were in no rush to finish. I went to make certain Danielle was all right because there was a great deal more blood now. She saw me and smiled. “I feel good,” she said.

I smiled, grateful to have such a professional human performer in our special theater. You were watching us. When I looked up at you and saw your demeanor, I understood. “If you would care to spend the evening with us, Danielle,” I said, “it would be a pleasure to have you. Lucerne will be there.” What a leading comment that was. She was delighted. The two had been lovers for a long time. As for our new performers, they had already been summoned to see you. You would tell them when to report and how they were going to be compensated. As vampires they not only fed pleasurably, but they would be financially compensated..."

"5 stars Her best work yet!"
A blood-soaked rendition of the fictional life of a real-life multiple murderer, history's 'Countess Dracula'"
"Solid Gothic horror from Gill!"

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