Thursday, July 26, 2018

Latest Book Update!

I'm working on something I am pretty excited about. It's not horror, it's fantasy, animal fantasy. But not a children's book.

There are heroes and villains, history, characters you won't forget and so many surprises and plot twists, you won't believe it.

It will make you think differently about most animals that are pets and those that usually aren't!

I know it's taking long and I do apologize, but I am doing a great deal of worldbuilding.

It's fun but it's hard work too, as this is my first book after my sudden bereavement. Please hang in there, it's coming!


  1. You'll get there in the end Carole. No need to rush and it will be better for the time and care you're taking in building your new story.

    1. yes! thank you, Brian! i take your advice always!

  2. Animals, eh? It sounds intriguing.