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Unholy Testament - Full Circle Satan's Blood Club

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More demon confessions:

"Yes, Satan’s Blood Club—now that was an interesting enterprise. One of the most evil, decadent clubs I have ever had anything to do with.

The membership was entirely composed of aristocrats and their friends: bankers, writers, actors and a sprinkling of some members of parliament. Shocked? I would think you are.

They had come to Satan first, actually. He was quite enjoying his human persona so much that he began to frequent the sorts of brothels they did. When they took him into their confidence as a thoroughly good and right thinking chap (rich), they began to open up to him and he became a very popular house guest.

As such, he started to talk of devil worship. None of them were shocked. They were too thrilled and intrigued to be shocked; you see, a number of them had already been involved in one well known club.

They had joined that club but found it not to be of their liking for the activities weren’t hell bent enough.

The Hellfire Club was more for naughty, dirty-minded toffs than anything else. Rampant, non vampiric sexual orgies and silly schoolboy anti-religious antics were all the membership was concerned with.

Some visiting lords told me: “We grew bored when we saw they had no intention at all of sacrificing anyone or summoning demons, so we left!”

I had heard gossip about this but didn’t tell them as they seemed to be delighted to share what they thought was a secret with me.
“You were quite right to leave,” I replied. “And you have come to the right place.”

I began entertaining them in our private parlor. This was a rather ornately furnished lounge that was not part of the actual brothel. The purpose of having the parlor within the brothel was two-fold. 

We lived there and anyone such as these two gentlemen got quite an eyeful when they came. So whatever business a caller came about, well, they knew where they were, shall we say.

Our vampiric wenches began to perform for them as soon as they stepped inside. In no time, we witnessed the most depraved orgies.

They were always grateful; in fact, they were intrigued with me. They considered me one of their own. Truth be told, I did let them think I was something of an aristocrat from France.

They didn’t like France or the French, being the Englishmen they were, but one title respected another as so often happens.

“You know,” Lord Leighton said. “There are things occurring in France now that are quite remarkable. I have heard about satanic practices that are held by the landed gentry, going so far up as the king.”

This was nothing new to me, which I told them. “Nearly a century ago,” I said, “there were plots and satanic practices, along with poisonings and such. The king’s own mistress was involved and a black arts practitioner known as La Voisin. It was really something.”

So thrilled they were that I told them all I knew, which wasn’t that much more, other than to say that a number of beheadings had resulted from this.

Yes, those Frenchies do have something of an affinity for that.
“I, too, provide a similar service, although perhaps our practice is a bit more contained,” I offered.

They exchanged looks a few times, which was not lost on me. At last, one of them, the older of the two lords, said what was on his mind. “We’d like to engage your services, Lord Eco, for our club, you see. We’re just beginning to organize ourselves now. It’ll be held at my country home in Kent, a secluded spot with its own caves that don’t have to be dug out, as they are already accessible. They go back to Roman and Druid times.”

He looked quite proud when he said that. Yes, they knew me as Lord Eco. I quite liked that and really I thought it suited me.

Now it was time for my questions. “Are you practicing Satanists?”
“We have indulged in some practice…”

I knew what this meant—that they had indeed done goodness knew what but they probably hadn’t done anything formally. Knowing my next question might drive them away, I asked them anyway: “Would you be averse to making satanic pacts?”

They didn’t look as shocked as I thought they’d look, which heartened me. Instead, they agreed. “Yes, if we can trust it…”
How funny, trust Satan? I tried not to smile.

I offered them the opportunity of speaking directly with His Satanic Majesty.

“You mean Satan himself, really? When—?!”
“Whenever you like. He is often here. It will be no trouble to introduce you.”
They couldn’t believe it when they were introduced. “Our friend! Oh you’re not. Oh my God!”

Satan cringed at that. “Please, not his name if you don’t mind!”
They apologized profusely whereupon he began to explain exactly what was required.

“There will be a large sacrificial rite. A number of innocents will be given up to me. Then you must sign a document I shall provide in your own blood. The stipulation being that you not only give over your soul but you offer freely members of your immediate family.”

That floored them. Not surprising really.
The younger lord said he wasn’t yet married whereupon Satan, completely nonplussed, asked if there was a mistress in the picture.

When he was told there was, he immediately suggested a child be conceived if there wasn’t yet one. The young lord looked amazed.

“You either wish the pact or you don’t,” Satan said, looking increasingly impatient.

Everything began to move along quickly after that when the older lord stated he would offer up any one of his children and insisted his wife be taken as well.

Satan preferred to leave her out of it and said he was pleased about the children. It was agreed that a girl was preferable to the one son who was heir.

“Yes, a girl is fine. That always works out well.”
And so it was arranged.

Within a year, it was all ready to go. The young lord’s mistress had managed to produce a baby and the pact was set forth.
By this time also there were quite a number of members, each of whom had already fulfilled their pacts to Satan’s satisfaction.

And so, the Club activities got under way. Naturally, there were the de rigueur Black Masses that opened each gathering, all conducted by Eve and myself. We used our wenches too, many of them making an altar with their naked bodies.

Yes, Rose, I’m certain you can guess what happened after the rites. Orgies that would last for days, some of them!

Actually it was all very good for business as many of the club members eventually wound up in our brothel, many of them becoming vampires. Actually, many elder statesmen and aristocrats were vampiric.

If you’re wondering where the newly immortal go after creation so as not to be found out, let me say they generally go to chalets and villas they own in remote areas. Money goes a long way and so does murder.

Now, as this went on, something was occurring in France as well. Suddenly, we began to notice French nobility coming to our brothel wishing not only to engage in feasts but to go further!
You see, they wished to be created, these various dukes and more than a few counts that arrived regularly.

Interesting notion, as France was undergoing a lot of political upheaval. The French aristocrats were nearly oblivious to it all. Or if they weren’t, they were seriously underestimating the situation.

“Oh, that will settle down. The rabble always are a noisy bunch. The king will suppress any trouble, I assure you.”
How wrong they were!

Satan was delighted with our new members and came to see me.

“There is important business for you to facilitate here and abroad,” he told me. He meant in France.

“I was active and quite pleased with that La Voisin business some time ago when it appeared Satanism had gained a huge following. But it appears I was mistaken for they quelled it and what with the political troubles now no one is thinking about it anymore. What I’d like to suggest to you, Eco, is that you and Eve and your entourage go to France where I will join you. There is much to be done there now. Lord Leighton will write to his friend there.”

He looked very proud of himself when he said that. I was still wondering, in light of the trouble there, how we would get along. “But there is so much unrest. Will we gain power?”

Satan looked angry and I swallowed hard. I don’t like displeasing him so I smiled and went on as best I could. “Of course we shall go there, Father Satan. I am sure it is a good idea.”

“Yes, it is, really. The ruling classes are so vapid and foolish, they will quickly become my pawns as most are already. Besides, I don’t see an uprising occurring for some time, if at all.”
I did not reply for I felt Satan was wrong. But as so often happened, I preferred to say nothing than to disagree..."

(end of excerpt)

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The Blackstone Vampires Series, Published by Creativia ON SALE!

There are four novels in the Series. Each follows along on the other. 

Book One, The House on Blackstone Moor asks the question can one act of evil let in more evil? The answer is yes. The themes are: vampirism, madness, obsession and devil worship. The novel begins with Rose Baines discovering the horrific murder of her family by her mad, incestuous, father. That's the evil and that's how the Series takes off.

Book Two, Unholy Testament - The Beginnings concerns the demon vampire, Eco holding Rose captive aboard a ship staffed by vampires. He wants her to read his confession of all sins committed in the course of his existence. There are many and they are shocking. 

Book Three, Unholy Testament - Full Circle continues the story with yet more confessions. All of the hideous secrets of Blackstone House are at last revealed as well. Dracula is introduced in the book and that leads into Book Four.

Book Four, The Fourth Bride is the story of Dracula and his fourth bride, cursed from birth by him as an infant. She is summoned to his castle where she is to live with his other brides. They are all to love and feed upon one another. As her master says: "The joy is in the blood...the passion is in the blood...endless life is in the blood...!"

Please note, there are two characters in The Fourth Bride that are featured in the next series. 

If you are a mature reader wanting something different to read, look no further. My novels are historically based, evil and debauchery are fully explored and vampires are evil! 

Thank you.



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Excerpt from the Fourth Bride!


"We left the castle in the light of a full moon. I moved faster than I ever had before. In a moment it seemed I went from the castle grounds to the edge of the forest. How magical it felt. The great height of the mountain was meaningless when vampire prowess is involved. If I flew, Dracula did as well, soaring even more quickly in his bat form.

Just as we reached the base of the mountain, I slowed down so that I merely floated. It was a strange but pleasant feeling. If I thought we’d feed on wildlife, Dracula did not. He said we were bound for a village.

“The village is not far,” he said. “But we must be careful for we will not have the aid of the Szgany here.”
That had a great many implications, all of them serious. Still, we were not deterred; in fact, we were exhilarated, for there is pleasure in the hunt, an indescribable thrill in the stalking.

We came at last upon a small village. There were but a few whitewashed cottages and an inn. The latter drew our attention for it was full of chatter. The people sounded merry possibly the worse for drink.
I was excited. Their perceived vulnerability was like an aphrodisiac. I wondered where we would lie in wait, but then Dracula gestured toward a small courtyard. The place would fit our purpose, bathed as it was in dark, shadowy depths. I crept into a space to await my bounty.

“If you close your eyes, you can smell their blood,” he whispered.

As I did this I realized I could distinguish different sorts of people from one another: men from women and so on. I could even discern their ages. As I have come to think of it since, this blood scent is unique to each human being. Some were more interesting than others and I told him.
“They are drunk on wine...” he said.

I nodded and smiled for it was a heady scent I could almost taste. He asked me then if I could smell the passion in the blood. This surprised me. I hadn’t noticed anything, nor had I thought of it that way. But when he said it I realized I could!

“It’s tangy and salty all at once. I have often been led to people coupling just by that scent alone. Of course there are other scents along with that!” He waved me off. “Shh, they are coming.”

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a man’s voice and a woman’s. The girl giggled while the man whispered endearments to her. He then began to tease and coax her into coming along with him. Soon, they started to walk toward a house.

I heard the woman ask: “Is this where you live?” And the man replied, “Of course, I wouldn’t go to a stranger’s house.”

They thought that immensely funny and began to laugh. Just as they crossed the road, we rushed forward. Dracula grabbed the man and pulled him into the shadows as I took the woman. Neither cried out. They were too stunned. This was an early lesson I was to learn. “You can paralyze your prey,” Dracula had said. “Just be quick and feed well.”

This I did. I sank my teeth into the woman’s soft flesh. She began to shake as I sucked her blood—and I sucked a lot. It was good and sweet and tasted of spiced wine. She did try to pull away a few times, but I held her in an iron grip.

Dracula must have drained the man pretty quickly because he was soon by my side, kneeling before the woman. He began to feed on the other side of her neck and in other places, too, as he sometimes fed on me and the brides. I think he realized I didn’t like him to do that because he whispered, “Don’t be jealous, you do it too.”

I made no reply but instead sank my teeth into the woman’s breast and began to feed. This was not sexual. It is good to feed there because that is where heart is, that wonderful, blood-filled organ throbbing with life.
“Organs are best for they are like casks of wine to us...”
Yes, his words to me.

Suddenly, Dracula began to fondle me. To feed and be caressed at the same time is pleasurable in the extreme. When I knew I had drained the woman, I moved away. Then, in the shadows of these bloodless corpses and feeling every bit as evil as the other brides, I coupled with Dracula. Both our passions were raised by our feeding. Yes, it was true. The passion was most definitely in the blood.

Dawn had nearly broken when we left. So full of blood, we found it hard to move but move we did because we had to..."

(end of excerpt)
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The Fourth Bride is Live!

This is the second edition of The Fourth Bride, published by Creativia.

A few words from readers:
5/5 STARS:  Just as great as the first one in this series! I really enjoy the characters in the books.-  Anna Voyles

5/5 STARS: The story is full of twists and turns I didn't see coming and have to say this is dark Gothic fiction at it's best. Be prepared for eroticism and violence along with twisted vampiric love. - Michelle Wright

After the tragic and sudden death of her groom, Dia, cursed by Dracula as a babe, is taken to his castle. Once there, she is seduced and turned by the count, and she becomes his fourth bride. The other brides are to be her sisters, and they are all to love and feed upon one another. As her master says: "The joy is in the blood...the passion is in the blood...endless life is in the blood...!"

And so she finds it is.
Dia's tale is full of erotic sex and graphic violence. It is a tale of love and lust but mostly of blood, for the blood is everything.

For mature readers 18 and over!

in kindle and paperback


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Background to The Blackstone Vampires: Evidence of Human Sacrifices!

'A new investigation has revealed that human skeletons discovered in caves on the North York Moors were likely to have been the victims of ritual sacrifice 2,000 years ago.'
~BBC Report
27 June 2011
Those of you who have read my novel, The House on Blackstone Moor know that integral to the plot is the 'Legend of Blackstone Moor.'

In the story the legend is pure fiction, however, I happened to come across this report from the BBC and I thought I'd share it with you.
Evidence of human sacrifice has come to light as human remains were found in caves in the North Yorkshire Moors.
I find this very interesting!
What gave me the idea of the human sacrifice originally was based on much evidence of human sacrifice in Britain and in Denmark. This evidence has come from human remains found in bogs and swamps.
By the way, look for a future blog post about that!
But this is even more startling to me because this is on Yorkshire Moors!
Please have a read from the BBC report:
A new investigation has revealed that human skeletons discovered in caves on the North York Moors were likely to have been the victims of ritual sacrifice 2,000 years ago.
A forensic examination of their bones, for the BBC's History Cold Case series, has revealed evidence that at least one of them had been scalped.
Human remains were first discovered in the series of caves, known as the Ryedale Windy Pits, in the 19th Century and further excavations took place in the 1950s.
While it has always been clear the bones had experienced some kind of trauma it has taken a new forensic investigation to reveal more about how these people might have met their deaths.
Evidence suggests the caves were used by people from the late Neolithic period, about 4,500 years ago, until the late Romano-British period in the fourth and fifth centuries AD.
Historians have long believed that people during this period participated in human sacrifice.
The BBC's History Cold Case programme features a team from the Centre of Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee.
The bones reveal signs that the victims did not die naturally.
Their investigation focused in particular on a tangle of 2,000 year-old bones, possibly those of a family, found in Slip Gill Windy Pit in the 1950s. It was a trauma in the jaw bone of one of the skulls which could have only been made with a sharp instrument and led to the first conclusion that the victims did not die naturally.

Professor Sue Black said: "The archaeologists tells us that there's a distinct possibility that there's a ritualistic element to the way in which these individuals have landed up in these caves."
To confirm that theory the team looked at bones found in neighbouring pits. Those too showed signs of blunt force trauma, confirming inter-personal violence as well as a shin bone which had markings that were consistent with the removal of flesh from bone.
Further examination of one of the skulls from Slip Gill showed similar markings, parallel cut marks, leading to the conclusion that at least one of the victims was probably scalped.
The cutting marks on the skull are the final piece of evidence that at least one of the Slip Gill skeletons was almost certainly ritually killed.
Professor Black concludes: "We've added a dimension to this that we never anticipated we were going to and in fact it's a first for me.
"I have never been involved in something with this sort of a ritual. At the end of the day the bones have the evidence and the evidence speaks for itself."
Moors, human sacrifice? It would seem to be the case. And what of those human beings, are their souls at rest, or--?!
Well, it's what I write about and it happens to be depicted in The Blackstone Vampires Series. 

You can buy The Blackstone Vampires Omnibus! only $3.99 and get all four novels!

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Writing: Learning the Craft Never Ends

I have always said this and meant it. Yet even knowing this to be true, I still am surprised at learning more lessons! The more we write, the more we learn. It sounds simplistic but it isn't.

Currently, I am writing my fifth novel which begins a new series. I write as a three act play. It works for me: set up, middle and ending. I love writing that way because despite being a seat of the pantser, I do find I like some structure.

As I am well into my novel, I find I am much more aware of pacing than I was. As I don't use an outline, I am amazed to find my characters pulling me into the action, telling me what's coming next and so on. Sometimes I try to second guess them but it doesn't feel right and really, I don't want to ruffle their feelings. I need them! Okay, they need me, too I guess.

Pacing is important in any genre I'd say, and in horror it is vital. It's more than moving characters around from place to place or filling up pages with text. It's about flow and keeping the action going. Chapters aren't events, each chapter moves the story along. We don't want our characters to revolt and walk out!

Stephen King, ON WRITING:

 “Mostly when I think of pacing, I go back to Elmore Leonard, who explained it so perfectly by saying he just left out the boring parts. This suggests cutting to speed the pace, and that’s what most of us end up having to do (kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings)…"

That's what it's all about and even though I thought I knew that, I have found I know what it means and how it relates to my writing EVEN BETTER NOW! It's like one epiphany after another! I learn something and then some time later--I have an even keener insight into that previous lesson.

What a craft writing is, we never stop learning, that in itself makes it a great endeavor full of limitless possibilities.