Saturday, July 13, 2019

My Work in Progress--WHY CATS?

Cats are special. Having had dogs I didn't realize how unique and special they were until I had one. My dogs had to be rehomed after my husband's death as I could no longer walk them. It hurt. Any pet owner knows just how much it can hurt.

I have a very special cat. Her name is Sasha and this is her at 8 weeks.

She is three now and in the time I have had her, she has been there for me through my worst grieving. Always supportive and loyal she taught me just how special a special feline can be. 

A more recent photo. She has this intense way of looking at me sometimes. Like she knows all about me. It's like she wants to speak! Okay, I'm a writer and I am imagining that, but perhaps she does, in her own cat-like way. 

Any time I get upset or fall into the depths of sadness over my loss, I perk up just looking at cats. I watch videos of them, I share photos and I find I am feeling better. 

The book I'm writing is about a cat that is special, special in supernatural ways. And it saves people because of this talent! I will dedicate the book to Sasha because she saved me from the depths of sadness. If I look at her, I can see in her eyes that she knows every secret written in my soul. She knows the names of the people that helped me and those that didn't. 

She knows and understands and that, in itself, is comforting.