Friday, January 10, 2014

Writing: Learning the Craft Never Ends

I have always said this and meant it. Yet even knowing this to be true, I still am surprised at learning more lessons! The more we write, the more we learn. It sounds simplistic but it isn't.

Currently, I am writing my fifth novel which begins a new series. I write as a three act play. It works for me: set up, middle and ending. I love writing that way because despite being a seat of the pantser, I do find I like some structure.

As I am well into my novel, I find I am much more aware of pacing than I was. As I don't use an outline, I am amazed to find my characters pulling me into the action, telling me what's coming next and so on. Sometimes I try to second guess them but it doesn't feel right and really, I don't want to ruffle their feelings. I need them! Okay, they need me, too I guess.

Pacing is important in any genre I'd say, and in horror it is vital. It's more than moving characters around from place to place or filling up pages with text. It's about flow and keeping the action going. Chapters aren't events, each chapter moves the story along. We don't want our characters to revolt and walk out!

Stephen King, ON WRITING:

 “Mostly when I think of pacing, I go back to Elmore Leonard, who explained it so perfectly by saying he just left out the boring parts. This suggests cutting to speed the pace, and that’s what most of us end up having to do (kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings)…"

That's what it's all about and even though I thought I knew that, I have found I know what it means and how it relates to my writing EVEN BETTER NOW! It's like one epiphany after another! I learn something and then some time later--I have an even keener insight into that previous lesson.

What a craft writing is, we never stop learning, that in itself makes it a great endeavor full of limitless possibilities.


  1. Dawwwling! I agree. You have hit the nail on the head as far as letting your characters take the reins! Seems like our characters are perfectly smart enough to know where they need to go!

  2. Thanks, Lorelei
    it's fun when they do that!
    :D xxx