Sunday, August 21, 2016

An Immortal Sexual Sadist and Serial Killer?

That's what made me write this book. Erzsebet Bathory, known as The Blood Countess was, indeed, a human monster. That's why the Author's Note is in the front of the book, to serve as a warning! Her crimes were horrific plus she held absolute power in 16th Century Hungary! 

I read a number of books about her over the years and, as I write horror, I thought, in the great tradition of the writer: what if?  What if she was immortal and existed in modern times? What would she be doing? That gave me my story. To illustrate my point here are two excerpts:

"Time passed quickly because we were so busy. The films we had started making years ago, we eventually turned back to—only the new ones would soon be called something else. They would come to be called snuff films. Those films were dangerous for they were filled with murder...real savage murder. I still remember each frame, each close-up of a girl succumbing to death. I was worried about seeing too many. I didn’t want the rages to start or my sadistic murderousness to once again rise up. “It is worse,” I said, “than when I lived.” I believed this and so did you..."

"we went about filming masked vampires whipping humans. Lucerne got heavily involved in her acting—and so did I. But then there was an extra ingredient that started quite by accident. Some drainings happened by mistake. Yes, fatal drainings. As we feared any evidence of these crimes coming to light and reversing the legality of vampirism, we knew we had to dispose of the bodies. This, we did..."

End of excerpts.

The term 'serial killer' is modern. The old term would be 'mass murderer.' The only comfort we have is we know these people don't exist forever. But what if they did?!

"As one blood-soaked page follows another we are pulled further and further into the depths of depravity to which Bathory is prepared to sink in order to fulfill her wildest sexual fantasies and murderous lusts..."