Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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Erzsebet Bathory lived. Her name could not be spoken for a century after her death. She is the infamous, Blood Countess, believing blood could reverse signs of aging, she killed hundreds. But she was also a sexual sadist and predator. She tortured and murdered at will.  

If she was a monster in life, she is a vampire in death, having been raised up by the vampire, Anton. Over time because of his love for her, Anton will become her loyal accomplice and serve her every murderous whim and rage-fuelled insane act.


***** A Blood-Soaked Rendition of The Fictional Life Of A Real-Life Multiple Murderer, History's 'Countess Dracula.'

As one blood-soaked page follows another we are pulled further and further into the depths of depravity to which Bathory is prepared to sink in order to fulfill her wildest sexual fantasies and murderous lusts.
Be warned! This is not a book for the squeamish or for those who object to the use of strong sexual language. It is here aplenty as is necessary when dealing with a character as sexually depraved and corrupt as Bathory.

Ms Gill is first and foremost a writer of horror and that is what she excels at, and here she has I feel, surpassed her earlier efforts by a long way. I, Bathory is her best yet, I say that quite unequivocally...

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