Monday, August 8, 2016

TWO EXCERPTS. I, Bathory, Queen of Blood

The story of Erzsebet Bathory known to all the world as The Blood Countess, is told in her own words. The story spans centuries. A human monster in life, when dead, she is raised up by a vampire who loves her and reverts back time and again to the blood monster she was in life.

These two excerpts are from present day. 

from chapter 1:

Danielle arrived early. Living as we did in our own brownstone was so convenient. No nosey neighbors to impinge upon our operation. Whoever came to our home had a right to be there.

She looked beautiful. Her honey-colored hair framed her shoulders. The white peasant dress she wore left nothing to the imagination. One could clearly see her nipples.
You told her how beautiful she looked. When you did that, I knew I’d have to kill her.
Chapter 2
           I had gone so long without killing, too. We had hoped, you and me both, that the blood monster might lie forever dormant. This, despite my occasional homicidal rages, the blood lust, the need to kill because the rage-filled jealousy was ingrained within me both in life and undeath. How did we deny that truth?

Still, there are reasons for that. Well, I need some defense, don’t I? My family—the time I came from, a brutal time, an era when there was no regard for the lowly born. My family were absolute rulers who answered to no one, in a savage kingdom. That is the basis of my defense!

Whatever we had wished for never really came to fruition—my changing into something else—though we were hopeful. Sad that, don’t you think? After a few hundred years, you’d think we’d have learned something.

I don’t recall much of the evening. That is so typical of me. When the lunatic bitch rises from the fires of Hell to butcher those she’s jealous of, there is no reasoning or thought, just carnage.

Someone was screaming, that I do recall. I know now it was Lucerne shouting about her lover being dead. At one point, she attacked me. “What have you done?” she cried.  I had no idea what she was talking about. You pulled her off.
           “She cannot help it; it is the rage,” you said.

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