Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Bestselling Horror If You Dare! 99 CENTS PROMO!

Heathstone House 
Here's what else you get: 

Two tortured beings, praying for death, the last occupants of Heathstone House. 

Her father was wrong. Children should not hear such tales…! Didn’t her mother know?

What were Jack the Ripper’s last words?

He preyed on children but then he got Dolly. Just right for the children, so wrong for him! 

 From a storm-shrouded lighthouse to the foggy realms of haunted forests and even a jaunt through Whitechapel, Carole Gill lulls you into her gothic web, masterfully weaving for you a series of nightmarish tales to unease your dreary nights. 
Joshua Skye

Top Notch Horror!
Edward Cook

After reading this, hope you'll never meet a vampire


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