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Vincent Price as Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General

From Eco's Journal, Book 3 of The Blackstone Vampires Series:
"I think Death did quite well for himself during the sixth decade of the 17th Century, don’t you?There were two plagues, one worse than the other, not counting the horrendous small pox epidemics. Tuberculosis also prevailed, as well as child bed fever and other assorted fatal diseases, and if that wasn’t enough, there was a devastating fire as well! The results of the fire alone would ensure that London never looked the same.

During those years, I saw Death repeatedly. He had become a familiar sight to me. I quite liked him as I found he could be almost pleasant, provided he was carting off enough souls. 

I don’t know what he did with all of them. There was a dispatcher of some kind who directed said souls to the proper terminal, shall we say. Satan was powerless in that respect. He could only wait for the crumbs offered, for rejects, really.I did see Satan occasionally. Actually, I saw him a great deal during Witchfinder Matthew Hopkins’ time. 

Hopkins was a monstrous lunatic who went about the countryside mainly torturing village odd balls and hapless half wits and anyone really who was in any way vulnerable. He and an associate, John Sterne, were passionate about ridding the world of witches and those who practiced the black arts. Naturally, the real practitioners were never caught. Neither of these two finders was clever enough to catch them out, you see. 

Satan and I often conferred on this subject. If there was one thing that pleased him, it was this lack of getting the right people, if you see my meaning. 

Though horrific, Hopkins’ reign of terror didn’t last that long, only a few years for he died young. As for Sterne, he retired to his farm and wrote some sort of rubbish that glorified the whole thing.Now, I must confess I did do something naughty with regard to Hopkins. But it was at Satan’s request. He hated the man and wanted him raised up. 

I thought it was an amazing idea and told him so! Rose, I did do it, too. You should have seen the look on Hopkins’ face when he realized what had happened! 

We stood in the churchyard at Mistley Heath, beside his open grave. As soon as he looked upon it, he knew. “What have you done?” he cried. 

“You will live forever. Of course, there are some drawbacks…” 

And there were. It was his first kill that did it. There he was, fresh from his grave, and already hungry for blood. 

“Yes,” I said. “It is blood you crave and you always will!”
“You devil!” 

This he said just before tearing the head off of a mouse which he devoured at once—blood, fur, flesh and all! 

Ever the hypocrite too, because when he had finished every bit of it, he screamed at me! Can you imagine such a thing? There he was, with his mouth and chin covered with gore. It was hilarious. 

“Serves you right,” I said. 

From what I understand, he did actually exist as a vampire for some time. "

(End of excerpt)

This excerpt is from Book 3, Unholy Testament - Full Circle. 
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