Monday, August 15, 2016

Bathory: How the Baths Started

Countess Erzsebet Bathory, was very well educated, despite that, she so longed for an elixir to youth, that she believed blood was the answer! Here is an excerpt about when those infamous, hideous baths began.

“I will rub some blood on your face...!” This she did. “There now! Behold!” she said. I looked into my mirror and saw how much more radiant my skin looked. “Think how you will look if you bathe in it!”

That was how it all started. Those baths of blood! Yes, Anton. It was done! Girls were chained above my bath and sliced open—their bodies soon drained. When the tub was full enough, I’d climb in.

“Luxuriate in the blood of youth. It will go into you and change everything!”

It did! I felt so different. I actually tingled; somehow, all the care and worry of the past left me—making me feel as though I had been turned into a goddess! The baths would have to continue. More girls would be bled and I didn’t care. What difference did it make if there were fewer peasants in the world, I reasoned?

I was the goddess of my own world. Do you know what it is like to have absolute power? To have no one dare to refuse an order. Not that I needed that. I had willing accomplices, perhaps more evil than I! This darkest of periods encouraged every perversion one could think of and blood was at the center or it. Blood and pain and sex.

As always, Darvulia would steer me into greater pleasures. She’d watch me to see if I looked bored and if she thought I did, she’d suggest something else, something even more dark or violent. Sometimes I’d tire of it all. That is, I’d sit and watch from a chair, like the queen I thought I was. The Queen of Blood, Darvulia often called me.

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