Friday, August 5, 2016


Here it is! The novel based on the life of The Blood Countess, Erzsebat Bathory will be released soon by Creativia. The Cover Collection did the cover which I absolutely love.

I wrote this book and it was, as I have said, a challenge. How could I tell the story of such a person? I did it by giving her motivation, which I felt was jealousy. She also came from a brutal age and time and was herself insane. In modern terminology, we would call her a sexual sadist and a sexual predator.

In the novel, she cannot help what she is. At least she now has a conscience as she says.

The novel tells the blood-soaked story of Countess Bathory in her own words from her childhood up to present day. She tells of a debauched family and recounts the brutal times in which she lived. Her story spans many human lifetimes. Her one great love is for her master, Anton. The vampire who gave her a new existence in the world of the undead. 

Always fearful of her murderous rages, she exists worried and afraid. Despite her wish to be less of a monster as one of the undead, she becomes what she was in life, only now she has a conscience. She at least understands what she is. That, of course, is little compensation for countless new victims. 

I'll be posting more and soon, so stay tuned!

On sale now!
This novel tells the blood-soaked story of the infamous Blood Countess Erzsebat Bathory who was a sexual sadist and predator. The complicating factor to this was she held absolute power in 16th Century Hungary. She bathed in blood because she thought it would keep her from aging.
She has written her memoirs. From her own lips she recites her childhood and marriage, and then recounts the terrible deeds she did.
Her name was not to be spoken for a 100 years after her death. The story spans centuries from her own time up to present day and a world where vampirism has become legal. Legal though it may be, Bathory still stalks the world, for now she is immortal.

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