Friday, September 18, 2015

His Forever

After The Vampire Prince of Paris turned her, she will be his forever. 

"His touch was magic and if I thought I had the upper hand I realized too that I enjoyed the lovemaking…if it could be called that. Frankly I doubted it.

“You are my wench now, for I will have no other.”

I told him I was grateful. “I will always be yours to obey.”

He knew what that meant. A master’s vampire wench is a sex slave.

“But I want more than that—I want all you can offer.”

I smiled. So he didn’t just wish sex…he wanted love too. Love or lust, whatever I could give him now that I was vampiric.

We fed together that night. Just us in the food store. It was the first time I saw it. Cavernous it was, with bloodied and bitten semi-conscious human beings chained throughout. The coven went to feed too, but only after Gascoyne said they could. As for us, we fed together..."


This is an expansive tale of vampires and their passion, travelling across continents and centuries, travelling across continents and centuries.

"Top of its genre!"

An epic vampire journey from poverty to palaces, to embrace death in all its blood glory full of lust, passion, betrayal and finally love.

Book 1 in the Blood & Passion Series 

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