Saturday, September 12, 2015

About Lucy

Lucy, was one of the performers. Fred Liked her right away. Of course he didn't know anything about her...

"Lucy. Hell yeah, she was nice, pretty. And when she spoke, she reminded him of home.

He returned to the Big Top. She was just finishing rehearsals when he waved to her. “Mr. Dodger, hello.”

They chatted for a bit, then they went to dinner together. He didn’t let any stares bother him. Lucy laughed. “People razz folks around here. Kind of how things are. You know fellow workers and that—like to tease.”

Fred knew it was true. He never enjoyed dumplings and stew more than he had sitting there with this pretty girl. They spoke about where they were from and how they came to be in the circus. He didn’t want to leave but they finally had to.

They decided to walk along the Midway. It was great walking with her, smelling her perfume. Fred nearly closed his eyes. She was a fine young lady, not a whore. That’s what he needed. Doc was right.

It seemed the most natural thing when he reached for her hand. And when he took her to her hut and said good night, he kissed her. But not before he asked her permission.

It was almost a chaste kiss. “I enjoyed that, Lucy. I mean the walk…”

She laughed softly and it was like music.

She watched him walk away and then went into her hut. Joe and Don were already in bed waiting for her.

"Riveting. Imaginative. Chilling. Fantastical."

"Wonderful horror with a side order of ribs."

"Never going to the circus again!"

"True horror!"

"The circus you really don't want to join."


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