Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Real Shop of Horrors!

It was a small shop on a back street, the sort of shop you'd only find in Europe. It looked alright...
"He helped her to a loveseat. "You will be comfortable here. Now, do permit me before you lose consciousness to tell you about my shop for I am most proud!”

She heard his voice—but it seemed far away as though she were dreaming. He was telling her things: fragments of incredible information—terrifying stuff which was barely understood because she was beyond understanding.

"There are dead infants and children in the puppets…it's amazing what can be done with mummified cadavers. You see. The plaster of Paris is put on last and painted of course…and as for the doors, the studs if you look closely are teeth, well fragments of teeth. I personally like these best. No they are not parchments though they look like they are. Here let me show you…"

She shuddered when it touched her.

"This is made from skin, madam. Yes all sorts of skin. Skin from a variety of people. They make the most amazing ornamental art and things!"


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