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2014 - Amazon Bestseller in Dark Fantasy
2015 - Amazon Bestseller in Vampire Horror

It feels good, of course it does. A piece of my soul is in these books. I gave everything to get the story as I wanted it to be. As you know by now, there are four books in the series. Each continues onto the next. It's one story, basically. It's about good vs. evil and features vampires and human beings all capable of good and evil.

Much of it is a morality tale. The series begins with the worst crime of all, murder that is committed by an insane, incestuous father. Human evil should never be under estimated. There is more of it in the first book and it continues through the series as does supernatural evil. Evil is evil. Whatever our belief systems are, we can agree evil exists. 

Within the framework of the series I have incorporated it into the storyline. Both human beings and vampire recognize it for what it is and how it affects them and others. There is no more evil a vampire than Eco, who narrates both the second and third books.

Eco won for best villain at the eFestival of Words 2014 and the House on Blackstone Moor won for Best Horror. 

Eco is a highly intelligent demon and vampire and is my favorite character. He always has been. He's mad, bad and dangerous to know but over the course of the series, his intelligence makes him realize things. You will see how this happens and what the effects are.

If you are looking for something deeper and more intense in vampire fiction, please invest 99 cents/pence in this Omnibus. You won't forget the characters, I promise you. Why not pay Dracula and his brides a visit in the fourth book? 

Make the journey. It begins with a first step, see what you think. You will be shocked and surprised much of the time, but I promise you, you won't be bored.

"92 Horror authors you need to read right now"

Carole Gill -- the Blackstone Vampires series
~Charlotte Books - EXAMINER
"In the attempt to find the just measure of horror and terror, I came upon the writing of Carole Gill whose work revealed a whole new dimension to me. The figure of the gothic child was there. Stoker's horror was there. Along with the romance! At the heart of her writing one stumbles upon a genuine search for that darkness we lost with the loss of Stoker." 
DR. MARGARITA GEORGIEVA ~ Gothic Readings in The Dark

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