Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Harold worshipped his favorite screen star for years. When she died suddenly, he just knew he had to do something! So he went to see a friend who happened to have a friend that could help.


"I loved her. She didn't know me, naturally but I seen every film she ever made!"

"Ah you want to raise her up, that's what you want to do. You need to do necromancy."

"And she'll be alive again; she'll come back from the dead?"

"My brother has this shop…"

He bought himself the necromancer book down on Overa Street and got to work practicing spells. He raised up some dead mice and roaches too. He even raised up a couple of people at the Eternal Rest Funeral home.

He realized he could have gotten into a lot of trouble. But he didn’t care. He was too intent on his purpose.

Okay, she’s been planted for more than six weeks, but she’d still be sort of okay, he reasoned.

He drives out to Forest Lawn Cemetery to dig her up. It’s hard, he’s sweating, and gasping too sometimes because there’s a caretaker but miracle of miracles no one bothers him. He gets her dug up..."


That's just one of many stories in this collection. Here's a sample of what some of the other ones are about:

War surplus from the Eastern Front supplies a quaint little shop of horrors!

Orphaned child vampires

Haunted cemeteries where the dead dance, 

What would Death say if he could speak?

A story of the war: evil comes to a village near you.

What if the world became Dead World?

Valhalla rejects are nasty, worst vampires ever!

Three tales of the Ripper

What are the blood-drenched secrets of The Crimson Club?

A crazed soldier and his famous father!

Zombies in therapy. Hey, why not?

Poetic justice meted out by grave angels and fate

Jonathan Harker has a night to remember!

Yes! That and more!


MAY 2 - MAY 9
"There is no doubt that she soars above the endless parade of independent horror authors to shine as a 
true star in the darkness. With the brilliant anthology House of Horrors she proves why she is a 

perennial favorite. To put it simply, this is a great assembly of tales anyone would be proud to have in their collection"

~Joshua Skye

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