Saturday, September 19, 2015

Meeting His Parents

The time came to meet his parents. She was nervous but she never expected a nightmare!

"Three sharp knocks and the door whined open. Oh yeah, Hammer all the way. The mother had a face that could stop a clock and the father looked like an evil Gomez Adams. “Charming!” he said as he leered at me.

He kissed my hand but just before he did, he smiled broadly and I thought I saw what looked like a double-pronged tongue like snakes have.

I shrank back in horror.

The mother grinned. Why did her teeth look so terribly sharp? “Come, do not be afraid.”

My knees buckled but Christopher held me up. He and the father half-dragged me inside. All I could do it seemed was watch my feet as they dragged along the blood, red carpet.

“It’s bleak but we call it home.”

Bleak wasn’t the word. It was Dracula’s Castle and Ed Gein’s kitchen combined. What were all those artifacts I saw, strange-looking things that looked as though they were made out of body parts?"

(end of excerpt)



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