Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I hate spam, I don't spam, I will never spam. If I caught myself spamming I would open my veins, jump off a high building or hang myself. Are we on the same page now?

I have never befriended anyone and then messaged them INCLUDING LINK(S) about myself or my work. In my opinion, there are spam offenses that should involve different levels of punishment.

1. Spammers who send links immediately upon contacting/befriending you should receive a light smack.

2. Spammers who send links for every site they are on (blog, books, networks and an entire bio of what they have been doing for the past decade is a far more serious spammer offense. It should be punishable by a good crack across the face. Really--at the very least a virtual slap!

slap photo: Virtual Bitch Slap slap-761215.gif

The one thing spammers don't ever seem able to grasp is that the person spammed is so less likely to care about them or buy what that person is selling, like EVER!

Thank you! 

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