Saturday, May 3, 2014

'A 'Dark, Addicting Read, Not For Faint-Hearted'

The reviewer's title for the review of The House on Blackstone Moor, in her own words: 'A Dark and Addicting Read...' within the review she adds, 'not for the faint-hearted.' Fair enough!

My fiction is so dark that an author, Kevin A. Ranson said, "Crayola should rename their black crayon, Carole Gill.' 

I write  about vampires and demons--and see them as dark, deadly and dangerous. It's not to everyone's taste and I can understand that. I am posting this review here because I feel this says it all. The reviewer zeroed in on how she perceived my fiction and its darkness:


"I was in love with a demi-demon, an occasional imbiber of blood, a creature most of the world hated. Yet, I still loved him and the children-demons all".

This is the first of Carole Gill's books that I have read, and it was much more than I had ever hoped for, or expected it to be. It's an extremely dark and enticing read. Each sentence propelled me on to the next.

I knew it was a book about vampires, but I didn't know much else besides that. Sometimes I like to go into books, kind of blind, without finding out much about them prior. I just knew I wanted to read some of Carole Gill's work after hearing and reading comments about it over the last several months.

I read quite a lot of vampire themed books, but this was unlike any other vampire book I've personally read, which I was really pleased about. I needed a change from my norm. I love dark writing and a good bit of horror and Carole Gill really does have a handle on how to write and bring forth the sheer darkness of the story she has within her (in my own opinion). I really enjoyed the book.

So much happened in The House on Blackstone Moor, that I scarcely know where to begin with a plot outline. So, I'm not going to give one, as I usually would, for fear of not doing the story justice. Sorry! It's just one of those books that you'd have to read, to get any kind of grasp on just exactly what and how much goes on within its pages.

It's turned 4am here as I've just finished this and from beginning to end I was completely enthralled and taken in by the goings on. I couldn't put the book down and I've been sat here with caffeine to ensure I made it to the final page this night.

I half expected your typical kind of vampiric creatures. You know, tall, dark and handsome. Broody looking gents that usually make the female characters swoon. However, what I got were creatures in a whole other league. It was great! I dare say, the supernatural creatures we meet in this (this includes the devil himself by the way) would wipe the floor with the creatures I've came across in my reading previously. Some of them seemed to be pure, evil incarnate.

The main character has a really, really hard time throughout the story and I found myself reading, thinking "Surely it's over now for her, surely she cannot endure anything more than she already has". And yet, the horrific events in her life just kept on coming. One, horrific, gruesome scene after the other, and yet, she still endures, somehow. For such a young girl, she goes through a lot.

I know this book won't be to everyone's tastes. In fact I'm sure it'll have a very divided audience. Those who like its darkness and those who definitely do not. Such is life though. I can imagine the violence and gory bits being just too much for some. But, I liked the book. It kept me entertained, shocked me and rocked me to my core in places. Sometimes, I just need a good dark read and this I found to be enjoyable, and also, addictive. I briefly considered closing the book and retiring for the night, but the thought quickly passed as I continued reading on. Lol. When a book can make me stay up all night, I'm compelled to give it a thumbs up.

Thanks for an entertaining night of reading! I will be reading more of this series.

Word of warning: This is definitely not a book for the fainthearted, or the younger readers out there, in my opinion. There are scenes in this book that could be quite disturbing for some people.

"Sarah Fae of Fae Books Blog"

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