Monday, February 23, 2015

Who Are The Mysterious Couple in The Blackstone Vampires?

A mysterious couple appear in both these books. Their living lives are depicted in book 2.

They also appear undead and aboard ship in Unholy Testament the Beginnings, bk 2 and Unholy Testament Full Circle, bk 3.

Eco, the demon- (best villain eFestival of words 2014) saw to it that they would be together for eternity.

They are always arguing, in fact they detest one another. They were infamous in life. She was Countess Erzebat Bathory (The Blood Countess) and he was
Gilles de Rais, aide to Joan of Arc and Marshall of France and a mass-murdering child killer and deviant.

Eco had raised them up. Then out of sheer devilment he had them exist together. He's a demon and has great powers.

The woman he claims to love must read his confession. He has so many sins to confess, it became two books. To encourage Rose to read all that he has written, he took her children away for 'safe keeping.' The only rub is Bathory and de Rais are watching them. It is a bit tense considering she bathed in the blood of young women and is thought to have killed hundreds.

de Rais had a predilection for little boys. Yes, you guessed it. He's watching Simon and Bathory is keeping an eye on Ada. Their mother finds that a bit stressful.


I began to struggle but only for a moment because I had the feeling that we were not alone. Eco laughed and as he did, he pushed me farther into my stateroom. I could not believe what I saw because standing there were Bathory and de Rais! The Blood Countess was holding Ada and that de Rais monster held Simon.

“Now you have something to think about. Best start reading, Rose. You’ll do a fine job. You can concentrate better now, without the distraction of the children.”

“No!” I shouted. I tried to free them but Eco pushed me down. 

“Your power is nothing next to mine!” he shouted.

The children’s cries were piteous, but within a moment it was all over. And I was alone, just me and the journal.

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