Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blogging's A Lot Like Writing! IT'S ONE WORD AT A TIME!

I would say, and I am sure, most writers would agree, that the most daunting thing a writer faces, is the BLANK page.

There you are, all fired up with an idea. Perhaps you're going to work on an outline first. Whatever your style, outline or not--you have, when you begin, A BLANK PAGE. It's white as snow. It's staring at you, teasing you.

You might even feel it's laughing at you. "Oh, so what's wrong, Hot Shot, go blank all of a sudden? Well, it's your move. Go on! WRITE SOMETHING!

Seven novels so far and an anthology of published short stories--later it's the same. It never gets easy.

But it's interesting and rewarding. Creating a work from nothing is very rewarding. Going from start to finish is fraught with hazards, but we get there, somehow, some way!

 I'm working on two projects. Well one has precedence over the other. It's something I agreed to do last year, but I'm sure, if you follow this blog, you know this past year has been the biggest horror of my life.

Now that the year has gone and there are no more 'firsts' , I am going to get cracking! You'll be hearing a lot more about that! Meanwhile, if you're a reader, happy reading and if you're a writer, happy, productive creative writing! Let's all go for it!  Who knows what we'll discover and how we can grow along the way!


  1. Yes, I'll be sitting on my deck, ideas running rampant, then when I sit at my computer, I can't remember a thing I thought about. LOL.

  2. hi! keep a little pad with you then! ideas come at the most inconvenient times, under the shower--talking to someone! it's really funny :)