Thursday, September 8, 2016

'At the Sultan's Palace!'

Justine is groomed for the sultan's harem. He likes vampires but there is a reason!  Find out what it is. Here is an excerpt: 

"The sultan looked pleased. “I do have a request, although your name is beautiful, I should be greatly pleased if you would accept another name; one that is more suitable to you. I wish you to take this name willingly and in the spirit it is suggested. From now on I wish you to be known as Lela, which means ‘born at night.’

I began to cry. I didn’t wish to give up my name. It was silly of me being what I was. Yet, my name was the only thing I retained from my living life. To relinquish it was difficult.

Sabba caught my eye and I saw he wished me to obey. “Very well, I said, bowing before the young ruler. “I am Lela from this moment on…”

“Good. And now I will give you something.”

I didn’t expect him to go to the balcony. When he returned, he was carrying a white flower. “This is a lotus for you. The white is for the purity of my friendship.” He put it in my hair. “Tomorrow I will give you a red lotus for it will symbolize the passion we will share…for tonight you will be mine to do with as I wish.”

I didn’t know how I felt at first, although I did not betray my emotions. Gascoyne was gone—of that I was certain. I would always belong to him; there was a bond that would never come apart. Not one piece of my love would be diminished. I decided to turn myself off. Yes, I would go along with the sultan. I didn’t wish for Ramet to be punished. I felt certain Sabba could easily take out his frustration on him.

You have no heart anyway, Justine—I thought. So it will not be difficult. It will just be tolerated. Could I do it? I was certain I could.

I rested in my quarters—dismissing any sort of regret or indecision I may have felt. I had made up my mind hadn’t I? Sleep came quickly and so did my dreams.I dreamt of Gascoyne. I saw him wave to me. I don’t recall anything after that, just waking up to find a servant there to help me dress.

She laid out different beautiful garments one more attractive than another. She looked pleased to serve me and I smiled. She bowed when I did.

When all preparations were completed, I was taken to the throne room. There I was met by the sultan’s personal guard. He motioned for me to step inside.

I watched my feet moving across the white marble floors. My golden slippers glided—as I did. I felt I was in a dream, not an unpleasant one oddly enough.

This night was to be full of passion and feeding. I was to find many things out about the sultan. The first of which was his desire to watch me feed.

One of those of the cult was brought in; a young, robust man who knelt before me. The sultan nodded for me to begin to feed. I sank my teeth into the man’s flesh. How sweet the blood tasted. It tasted of wine and honey. As always, I saw images of a life lived—glimpses of people and events, a childhood and parents and people I imagined to be family.

When the man’s skin began to cool I pulled away. “I cannot feed beyond this point.”

The sultan looked disappointed. “Drain him Lela; drain him, for I wish to see it.”

I did though I didn’t wish to. When the man lay white with death, Sabba had the poor corpse taken away.

“Do whatever he wishes,” he whispered. “You have been accorded a great honor. Even I did not expect it. Not so soon!”

When we were alone, I was led to the sultan’s bed. There he would take me. He pleasured me even before he had me do it to him. I am certain I cried out, as I had not enjoyed this beyond Gascoyne.

Gascoyne, I thought. I betray you. And then—as if he were there, I heard a voice inside my head: “You cannot betray me, for I am no more!”

Ali moved over me like a hot wind. His passion was great—and he smiled and told me how precious I was to him. After we made love, he asked that I take him in my mouth to feed.

Did he know what I could do, I thought. He must. I did as he asked but I fed gently, just tiny nibbles. I soon felt his blood upon my tongue, it tasted sweet but there was not enough taken to see images of his life. He cried out his joy, his words flooding the room, along with promises of love and devotion. I was assured I’d have a place in his heart above all others.

I wept. He said my tears touched his heart. “Why do you weep?” he asked. Then he smiled. “If it is for another lover, I would have you forget him.”

I felt I could not do that, but then he told me he was going to impart the greatest truth about himself. He began by telling me of his childhood, of his brothers and sisters, most of whom were dead. He told me of his fears and his sadness. Then he told me something I could never have expected to hear:

His voice was soft—and full of passion. “My mother,” he said. “Was a vampire... she was attacked in the way you were. She did not seek it. It sought her. I was ten years of age when it happened and not much older when my father had her destroyed for it. I will miss her until the day I die. I tell you this because I wish to know you better.”

(end of excerpt)

Top of its genre!"

"Revenge, betrayal, passion, bloodshed, lust and love are just a few of the elements of this dark and spellbinding book."

"Justine, realizes she as a vampire could actually love and in fact is in love with Gascoyne. I think that was the turning point in the story."

"Vampires have their own allure and none more so than the female."

"This vampire romance is rich in history, deep in blood sex and exotic locations and is very highly recommended."

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