Wednesday, September 7, 2016

99 cents till Sunday! London Rakes Loved the Vampires!

Regency rakes were notorious sex predators. They had great wealth and got whatever they wanted. Sometimes they wanted vampires!

"Lord Fenway, what can I say about him, aside from him being the most notorious rake and womanizer, he was also a loyal member of the Society of Satan Club. Actually they weren’t real devotees of Satan at all. They were naughty aristos who enjoyed the most decadent orgies possible. No orgy was complete without a host of vampires.

They competed with another such club: the Hellfire Club. The difference being was Hellfire Club members did not get their sexual thrill from being fed on by vampires.

As for Fenway, he was quite handsome in his way, mature—silver haired with fine features. He did have the look of a lech about him though which was understandable as he was quite the most outrageous aristocrat I had ever heard of and that’s saying something because so many of these men were absolute satyrs..."


This is an expansive tale of vampires and their passion, travelling across continents and centuries, travelling across continents and centuries.

"Top of its genre!"

An epic vampire journey from poverty to palaces, to embrace death in all its blood glory full of lust, passion, betrayal and finally love.

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