Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Witch Hysteria, 1610 England

More from Eco's journal:

"We spoke of witch hunters and she began to tell me of the great hysteria that was now beginning to sweep England. I knew for some years the punishment for witchcraft was death, as the trials were no longer held in ecclestial courts but were now under government jurisdiction.

“The king—James—he is a great danger to those innocent wise women and men who have always been sought out for potions and cures and things. Yet now there are those that seek their destruction and the destruction of those who give them custom. I hate such people for they are responsible for this existence of mine.”

She began to explain about the king’s treatise on demons. “Yes, he wrote it
before becoming king. It is about the existence of demons. … This has given rise to witch hunters and truly, Eco, wherever there are such people there soon are vampire killers. I fear mainly for my children. My poor children.”

I had visions then of what I had seen, of the terrible destructions of my own covens. “Yes,” I said. “They are always close it seems. Have you seen any?”

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