Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Great London Fire of 1666!

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"A veritable fire storm raged in the city. Attempts were made to put it out but they failed miserably. The one comforting thing was the fire was far from us—and I didn’t feel that my coven would be harmed. As well you know vampires are destroyed by fire.

At last I reached it and saw they were fine. Edmund rushed out from the doorway! “Master! Master!”

I embraced him and asked how everyone fared. He said they were all fine. My coven was, but other covens did perish. I was to find that out. We are rather in contact, many of us, those masters and myself.

In the course of the next three days, a firestorm carrying within it hell-like heat swept through vast parts of the city. There would be blame for this too put at Lord Mayor Bloodworth for his gross indecisiveness—in not using firewalls to stem the conflagration.

The king and his brother helped fight the fire. the king making decisions that ordinary people were reluctant to make—that is, to assume responsibility for what should be destroyed and so forth, offering up stops for the fire, and sacrificing buildings to achieve this.

Soon there was little but blackened stones and fire-stinking rubbish that remained of London. All the houses were made of timber and they went up in flames.

It was appalling. Truly, it all seemed a vast, smoldering wasteland from one end of the city to the other; a flattened noxious smelling city had come to replace the previous one. I had never seen anything like it in my existence.

London was changed forever. Thousands were homeless and countless businesses were destroyed. There would be hell to pay too, as human beings are always at their worst in times of crisis..."


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Carole Gill -- the Blackstone Vampires series
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"In the attempt to find the just measure of horror and terror, I came upon the writing of Carole Gill whose work revealed a whole new dimension to me. The figure of the gothic child was there. Stoker's horror was there. Along with the romance! At the heart of her writing one stumbles upon a genuine search for that darkness we lost with the loss of Stoker."
~Dr. Margarita Georgieva ~ Gothic Readings in The Dark

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