Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lord Avery and Necromancy

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More confessions:

“We shall go to the village church. There is an ancient graveyard there, as well as graves from more recent times.” So spoke our guide, Avery.

And so we set out under the cover of darkness. It was quite atmospheric too, what with howling winds and damp fog. We rode in Avery’s coach. I have no idea what his coachman thought. But then I supposed he was used to his lordship’s sudden and illicit nocturnal pursuits.

We had travelled to the other side of Mereton, to an old church. Avery swung the creaking gates open. “Those are the ancient graves,” he said, pointing toward the graves nearest the tiny church. “We shan’t be going there.”

I figured as much.

He gestured toward graves of more recent origin; quite a number in fact, although not one looked to be freshly dug.

“Are there no recent burials?” I asked.

Avery scoffed and said it mattered not. I think he was rather thrilled by my less than enthusiastic reaction. Truthfully, I cringed at the thought of him raising up stinking, moldering dead. But that is what he did.

He began chattering about how the rites are done. I could see that Eve was repelled and thrilled at the same time. Typical Eve.

We stopped at one of the graves. “This one is only a year old. It should be alright.”

I wasn’t thrilled but Eve was. “Go on!” she said. “Do start, Lord Avery.”

He got started almost immediately. The rites consisted of some rather colorful sounding incantations.

“I did learn this in France, but it is done in the Greek way. Necromancy was much practiced there in ancient times.”

Actually, I agreed with that, as both the ancient Greeks and Romans practiced it. In their case, they wished to consult the dead in order to predict the future. Necromancers like Avery had entirely different sort of reasons however..."


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