Monday, March 9, 2015

Undying Friendship

EXCERPT: while on promo 99cents.

"Louis worked the night shift at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He was a porter. It wasn’t bad because as any night shifter will tell you it tends to be a quiet shift. Most of the patients are asleep, there’s fewer staff and even the big shot doctors aren’t around.

Louis hated those arrogant pricks because they thought they were better than everyone else. A lot of them talked down to him. The worst of the lot was the Chief of Staff. Christ, Louis hated him.

Even the nurses spoke down to him: ordering him around like he was piece of crap.

“I got dignity too you know! I count! I’m a person!”

He had filed a complaint once or twice with Human Resources, not that they cared because they were even worse, especially that supercilious director who always made Louis squirm.

“I’ll see what I can do, Louis.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you for coming here.”

Louis always skulked out of the office feeling worse than when he went in.
The only person in the world who was kind to him was his friend, Tito. Only Tito Sanchez was lying in the hospital morgue dead of a drug overdose.

Just 24 hours ago, Louis had seen them carry him out in one of those big black plastic bags.

“Got another one for our meat wagon.”

Louis’ head snapped around when he heard that gem. That said from one of the attendants to the other one.

“He was my friend!”

“Oh yeah. Sorry fella.”

He watched the damned thing drive silently away. No reason for a siren, not now.

“Bye Tito.”

The truth was he loved Tito. Not in a faggy way, but in a real hero kind of way. He looked up to him the way a kid does to his older brother.

Tito could do no wrong in Louis’ eyes. If there was one person in the world that could make everything right it was Tito.

Louis laid awake plenty of nights worried about him and his drug taking. That was one thing Louis never touched.

He tried speaking to his friend but nothing he said helped. After a while he gave up. That’s when he had the feeling.

Tito’s death was not entirely unexpected because Louis had a premonition. He was like that. He had been since he was little. Sometimes he knew what someone was going to say or do before they did it.

Mostly he didn’t care. It didn’t work for important stuff like lottery numbers or guessing at cards. It was just a skill of sorts. Something he could do—the only thing he was good at.

And if Louis could sometimes sense something, others could too. Like they could sense what Louis was thinking.

Tito had told him it was as though Louis was sending out a signal.

“I don’t know what it is, Louis. I ain’t psychic or nothin’ but I think you might be. Maybe not in the way people think about such stuff. I think more it’s vibes or somethin’ your brain sends out.”

Louis was flattered. It was something to latch onto, something nice. Not like his life.

He didn’t have much of a life at twenty eight. His father had disappeared when Louis was a kid. This caused his mother to have a kind of break down in the old cabeza. She was no one to talk to. Now with Tito gone he was more alone than ever.

The idea to raise Tito up came to him when he was feeding his cat, Bart. He had been reading his favorite paper, the one that had those stories about Elvis on the moon and UFO’s landing in the Pentagon.

The story that got him going told how some guy in England had raised his friend from the dead.

“Bart man, that’s it.”

The cat didn’t give a fuck. He had eaten and wanted to take a piss in his litter tray or against the wall if he felt like it.

Louis began to re-read the article."

(end of excerpt) 

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