Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Bit of the Ripper

"I felt like an artist admiring my handiwork, she was after all my creation, an exquisite corpse. In life some would have said she was pretty. I, myself, didn’t share that opinion. I could see the bog in her, the stinking midden, which flowed too near to her birth place I could see and smell that as well.

Yet when I first saw her move with the unmistakable sauntering gait of the street walker, I was fascinated, the way a lion might be staring at his prey.

I smiled and said something. She took my interest as flattering, my conversation as exciting. I saw a smile and flash of her teeth, still intact because she was young.

“Alone darling?”

Darling! What effrontery. Had she known who I was she’d have died! How ironic, don’t you think?

“Ooh you are a gent, ain’t ya?  Look dear! I don’t live far. Just this way. Miller’s Court, see?”

It was late—few people were about even on these disease ridden streets. So we walked along, just she and I, both full of happy expectation.

Her lodgings were grim and disgusting. A broken window with a piece of fabric shoved inside it to keep the cold out.

“Step in whilst I light the fire.”

The room was so tiny the door could not open properly.  Her bed seemed to fill up the place, a busy bed no doubt.

“I‘ll just put this on...”

I turned in order not to see her tawdry preparations.

 “Alright then.”

She was wearing a gaudy, nearly threadbare chemise, long past its best, a gift perhaps made cheap from overuse. I think she thought I was shy. “That’s right, ducks you just relax. I’ll stretch out on me bed and wait, that’ll give you time.”
I smiled too as I reached for my friend: Mr. Sharp and Ready—a pleasant sort of chap if you don’t rile him.

The women rile him—some women that is.

Some kind of instinct must have alerted her for she suddenly opened her eyes..."

(end of excerpt) 

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