Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Place, Another Being


"When the twin moons fade along with the night sky and the distant sun rises, he stirs. He has slept well--dreamless and comforted within the confines of his dwelling.

His home is nestled within the cover of sand dunes. It is but a shelter of palm leaves and wasted bush leaves he has woven himself. He climbs out to breathe in the tangy breeze. Soon he will climb atop the dunes to stand and gaze at the only world he knows. The only world he has ever known.

It is a timeless place—his world, his life. So little is known—so much is desired.

He makes his way up the sandy rise with difficulty. His legs trouble him and his tail. Climbing painfully, he eventually reaches the top.

The shore is beautiful--silken and half wet. It gleams in the muted light of a crimson dawn. A sea vast and seemingly unending stretches toward the horizon.
The sea is life to him, for it carries within it gifts of food--small winged crabs—and little horned fish.

He always finds them; they’re always there when his stomach pains him. But thirst now, for his throat is parched. He gazes around and picks up a hollow--an empty shell of a vegetable he has already eaten.

He takes the hollow and turns away from the beach. His destination is a great lake—perhaps as big as the sea.

It supports some life. Massive heads appear regularly far from the shore. They frighten him, for they stare at him for long periods before disappearing into the purple waters below.

He looks for them now, but they are not there. So he kneels down, scooping the water into his vessel. When it is quite full he gulps it down.

Once he saw his reflection in the still water—and he studied it. He had at first thought it was another being. He had hoped it was another being. But when he reached out to touch it, he saw it was merely a reflection.

He has felt his face many times since then. He doesn’t know that the hard ridges he feels are actually small bones. All he knows is he has felt them.

He had been pleased to see himself—it was like having company. But then it saddened him to know he was really alone..."

End of excerpt)

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~Joshua Skye


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