Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Excerpt: A Ghost?


"Old Pa was awakened by the sound of a woman’s voice. When he looked, he didn’t see anyone at first, but then his sight adjusted. He asked who she was—smiling as he did because as dippy as he was, he liked company.

She didn’t answer though, just came closer. The thing was, she floated toward him, her feet just inches from the hut’s floor. He didn’t notice though.

He did see that she seemed to be reaching out for him. Someone else most likely would have been scared shitless but not Old Pa.

He started to speak—just nonsense. He couldn’t form whole sentences any more as his brain wasn’t functioning, hadn’t been for a long time.

She kept coming closer, but stopped moving when Fred got out of his truck. And when Fred turned the door knob, she vanished as quickly as she had come..."

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