Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sometimes it's Better to Drown!.


A lifeboat was headed straight toward them. But it hit one of the rocks and was split asunder as its cargo of half-drowned men was tossed ashore.

There were ten men at least, lying about, trying to crawl, calling out for help, begging and pleading to be saved.

When they saw they were saved, they wept.

“Bless you and thank you!”

“There now, you shall share our food and rest beside our fire. You are safe now.”
Some of the men laughed with the joy of relief, others were stony silent, seeming to disbelieve they had come to safety.

They were given dry clothes and blankets, and something hot to drink.
It was for them, a miracle.

Their eyes followed Emily about--grateful eyes, shining with tears. Watching this beautiful young girl and calling her an angel.

For she was one to them.

“Aye you are that Miss, a golden haired angel sent from heaven!”

This, from the youngest of the men, a lad already stirred by love.
How Grandfather beamed for he was pleased.

“Sleep now, and be at peace for a watery grave shall not be your home!”

The men nodded and smiled and bade their two saviors good night.

It was quiet then. And Grandfather and Emily smiled at one another and closed the door for they could already hear the even breathing of their guests.

“They sleep so soon.”

“They are tired and need rest.”

“Aye, but we don’t.”

Emily giggled and was quieted. “Shh, my dear. We must begin our preparations.”

There was truly a great deal to prepare. This was to be no massacre, for their bounty would be ruined.

The men would not be slaughtered out right. That would never do.

Emily was always the anxious one. So eager to begin...

(end of excerpt)

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