Sunday, March 22, 2015

What Exactly Went On At the Crimson Club?


"The appointed time came and my client was seated in his private box which overlooked the stage. The girl lay sleeping on a crimson colored bedspread—surrounded by flowers--she was in truth already laid out.

Three came in at one time—females all. I find the men prefer that somehow.

They were singing low and soft--siren-like songs, beautiful and haunting they sounded too. They approached her and ever so gently they drew her gown down—exposing her nakedness. I saw my gentleman straighten up, as he was quite interested.

First they began to caress the girl—in slow sensuous movements, each taking a part of her—to pleasure her as well as themselves.

She began to stir and moan but she didn’t wake, for she had been plied with liquor first. And then it all changed.

I closed my eyes, better to concentrate and feel what they were doing to her--as their caresses turned into something else—their touch into tearing, their passionate mouths into feeding and their teeth into biting.

By now the girl was screaming—flailing about. Her beautiful alabaster body was awash with crimson blood—an unending (it seemed) river of blood.

I think you grasp the significance of the word, crimson.

Anyway they fed—voraciously, hungrily—tearing her flesh drinking her dry.

I COULD TASTE IT MYSELF! That sweet nectar—so light upon the tongue an elixir of life to us!

They fed until they were satiated and lay panting..."

End of Excerpt 

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