Thursday, March 19, 2015


Well, they're vampires, remember! They exist for centuries and because they do, they get up to a lot. There are vampire brothels, devil cults, some of which are naughty and some of which are more twisted than  naughty. Let's face it, vampires were made for sin.

Take my two series, The Blackstone Vampires Series (books 1-4) span centuries. Although book 1, The House on Blackstone Moor is set in 19th Century, England, books 2 and 3 Unholy Testament - The Beginnings and Unholy Testament - Full Circle are not!

Those two novels span thousands of years. They tell of ancient Egyptian vampire cults, the love between a Vampire Goddess and a demon. Then you have Rome and a lot of sinning--what with brothels and orgies.

The famous and infamous are depicted as well, from Cleopatra to Roman Emperors--to mass murderers and to Witch finders; from Resurrection men supplying cadavers to eager doctors, to aristocrats doing whatever they want because they could!

Now there's a minefield of horror there. Monsters like Erzebet Bathory, the Blood Countess did as she liked for years--she was only arrested when she started killing girls of noble birth! Bet you didn't know that. She has a blood-drenched affair with the narrator, a demon you will never forget who recounts everything in detail.

Gilles de Rais who rode with Joan of Arc was a major big shot in France having castles, wealth and power. But he also was a sexual deviant, molesting and killing children. Young boys were vanishing but they were peasant children. No one bothered. The only time they did, was when de Rais kidnapped an important person and held him for ransom. THEN they did something.

Mathew Hopkins, Witchfinder General of England was a sadistic lunatic. He hounded, tortured and killed supposed witches. At least he didn't do it long because he died fairly young. He's in my fiction and what I did to him in the storyline gave me a lot of pleasure.

Count Dracula appears in Book 3, but tells his story in  The Fourth Bride, book 4 in the Series goes from England to Transylvania where the hapless heroine, cursed by the count as a baby, becomes Bride #4.

His gypsies are there, aiding him and Van Helsing and his mates are not. They are out to destroy him. I gave the Count a history and depicted his brides in depth. There's a lot of sex and feeding too, it's what vampires do!

Historical horror, why not! History was made for it!

Each book is sold singly for $2.99

You can purchase The Blackstone Vampires Omnibus for $3.99
that's less than one dollar for each book!

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