Thursday, March 5, 2015

Excerpt: Some Are Born With Teeth...!

"As soon as her mother saw her she cried out for the babe, though beautiful, she had tiny, sharp teeth. Teeth, the mother felt every time she nursed the child.
The father tried to smother her.

“She is a monster from hell, a demon! Why can you not see that?”

The mother threw him out. “Be gone from my sight. I will not harm my own child! Flesh of my flesh, you’re the monster!”

In truth she was somewhat unsettled by her child for although the baby was loving and sweet, she was frightening looking. It was worse when she smiled.

Often her mother would run her finger over the pointed teeth. “I don’t know what it is, what is wrong my daughter. I fear you are cursed and I am as well.”

The mother tried to hide the child as much as possible. But this could not go on forever.

It became worse as the girl grew older and the teeth became so noticeable, the villagers started to talk.

Words like beast and vampire were bandied about. It got so bad that one day the mayor came with priests and others to take the child away ‘for her own good.’
The mother agreed, not intending for a moment to go along with any of it. 

Instead, she took the little girl to the woods.

“If God sees fit for you to survive you will, my child. Forgive me.”

She left the child there and since she could not live with what she had done, she killed herself.

The girl, barely five, wept for days. She wept until she was rescued.

Ironically it was a coven of vampires that saved her. Not only did they care for her they really loved her, for she was a sweet natured child, a child to be cherished.

Despite the fact that her saviors were vampires, they did not harm the child in any way for they were adamant that she should be allowed to thrive as a human child.

The child loved them and clung to them, often imitating their strange ways—their imbibing of blood and so on. This caused them to speak to her.

It was the master who told her they would never force their world upon her, or their way of existing.

“If you decide to enter our world, it will be your decision.”

And so it was, for when she was no longer a child but a young woman she allowed herself to be created.

When she tasted the master’s blood, she saw his entire existence. And she was moved and wept for she saw savagery and persecution.

“We are hunted down and always shall be, for what we are. I regret you are one of the afflicted now…”

She said she didn’t mind for she loved her coven and him and they returned that love.

But all was not well for one day vampire destroyers came and they wiped out those she thought of as family.

She hid in the forest, frightened lest they find her, for she had seen what they did–-the staking and beheading and she feared for herself.

And though she feared, she mourned for all of those she loved and lost.


A year went by with her hiding in caves and feeding on whatever small animals she could find. Yet this could not last for she was lonely. She missed her coven and yearned to be a part of something again.

When she could no longer stand the solitude she wandered some distance beyond the forest and came in sight of a village.

It was a small settlement of white-washed cottages with small gardens. It really looked inviting.

She began to walk toward it but stopped for she still feared destroyers. And though she feared them she walked on. It was her lonely heart urging her forward.

It was dark by the time she reached the first cottage. She could see lights from within. How inviting it looked to her, for in the far recesses of her mind she did recall such a cottage. Actually she was remembering the one she was born in.
This was when the housemaid saw her.

“Are you a wood spirit?” she asked, for she was a simple girl with a good heart. “Whatever you are, I should like to offer you some food.”

The maid’s voice startled the girl. “I cannot,” she called out, slipping back into the shadows.

But the housemaid was persistent and the girl acquiesced and walked toward the open door.

It wasn’t until she smiled that the housemaid gasped. For her teeth were truly frightening—worse than they had ever been. Still, she insisted the girl have soup and bread.

“Come in and eat. Sleep by the fire if you wish, my master is not here…”

The girl thanked the woman and fell into a deep sleep, only waking later to find the housemaid dozing too. She was so overcome with gratitude that she hurried to her, to thank her.

She was surprised at how sweet the housemaid’s skin smelled. She only meant to kiss her hands, but she did more. She began to feed gently, moving up her arm and beyond. When her lips found the soft, white throat she wept with joy and began to feed there. Yet, her teeth did not tear the flesh; it was a caress if anything..."

End of excerpt

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