Monday, March 30, 2015

Vampirologist and Dracula Expert: Charles E. Butler's Latest Release!

The new book is called Vampires; the Final Hunt. It is a review book chronicling Dracula and vampire movies.

It is the fourth in a quartet of books dealing with cinematic vampires and Dracula that Charles wrote and illustrated.

Praise for The Romance of Dracula 

“A really great read. A must for any Dracula fan or vampire buff. Well researched and detailed it’s a delight to read. It could be a set text for any media course featuring the count. The amount of research is impressive, little known and interesting facts are crammed on almost every page yet anything less like a dry text book would be hard to find. Its unique Witty and well written it is truly a fine romance.” 
– Abigail Bell 

“Part of the fun of a book like this is that it's not a dry textbook attempting to objectively quantify these films by the standards of world cinema. This is a book by a vampire fan that is intended to be read by vampire fans.” 
– Brian P. Mckinley 

“I've been a Dracula aficionado all my life, and besides reading Bram Stoker's masterpiece I've watched many film versions and read many other Dracula books, but this is the first one I've found that gives a full summary and critique of every major Dracula adaptation, not only that but the author has illustrated every chapter, which is devoted to a specific Dracula adaptation, with a portrait of the title Dracula actor. The book is worth its price for these fine drawings alone in my opinion, but his commentary on each of the films is amusing, candid and insightful, so it's a great and worthy addition to my extensive Dracula library.” 
– Mr. G Caci 

“Mr. Butler's addiction to vampire movies is only slightly less than the blood-lust of his hero Count Dracula but has a lot more research going for it. His summaries and commentaries on Dracula films from silent Nosferatu to Technicolor Hammer horror via Louis Jordan and Jack Palance are detailed, loving and always interesting.” 
– Michael Yates 

“This book will be enjoyed by film and vampire buffs alike. After reading Mr. Butler's book, I've added to my list of must-see vampire films. It's clear that The Romance of Dracula was written with someone who has a true passion for the genre.” 
– Vampire Admirer 

“Reading Mr. Butler's book, I found myself spending time on the computer hunting down each of the flicks that he mentioned. Many are back on my purchase list, and I'm eager to see the films through the author's descriptive eyes.”
 – T. Ouija “Tam” 

“His review of the original novel is breathtaking. It sweeps you up with a fervor. With a series of Dracula quotes and subsequent musings that are at times jaw dropping and at others, downright entertaining.” 
– n Larry 

“Charles Butler's reviews are 100% accurate. He has watched the movies carefully, he has done the research into their making and he treats them all with respect without falling into fanatical worship. These pieces are all thoughtful; he loves the material but also sees their flaws.” `
-Audrey R Cladh 

“One hopes that Butler will provide more detailed thoughts on the various sequels, spin-offs, and the rest of the vampire movie sub-genre in future review books. A must-have for any Dracula fan's collection!” – Donald C. Weiss 
“The book is everything I had hoped and more!! Brilliant author and artist. I am looking forward to future endeavors by Mr. Butler!!!!!!!” 
– Gift “Lorraine Alberti Bartenbach” 

“The Romance of Dracula tackles various incarnations of the good Transylvanian noble head on and is written not in a sycophantic style, but rather someone who is describing something they really like and that infectious warmth does sink in.” 
– D W Newell 
Fan Appraisal: 

“When I was a teenager, I used to spend all of my time in the library reading the old seventies style books about horror that took a hold of my imagination forever. The type of books you are writing resemble those classic books about horror movies and myths and legends that had me sitting there in the library for hour after hour. You have definitely kept this sort of writing alive with your work and really have put out some of the absolute best books like this yet examining and chronicling the magick of the horror movie world. I never stopped reading these type of books since I was a kid. Your books though are the best that have been done in years in this field. I can't wait for these new books you are putting out, especially Vampires Under the Hammer!!” 
– William Jannusch (Witchcross) 4 

Other books by Charles E. Butler and available at Createspace at Amazon 

Vampires; the final hunt

The Romance of Dracula: a personal journey of the Count on celluloid

Detections in a Scarlet Vein; an irrelevant investigation (Kindle pad only)

Vampires Everywhere: the Rise of the Movie UnDead

Vampires Under the Hammer

Guest appearances 

The Lure of the Vampire edited by Bertena Varney M.A.

Vampires: Romance to Rippers an anthology of tasty stories edited by Scarlette D. Noire.

Henry County Folklore; Hoosier tales and poetry written by Mark Sean Orr

The Story written by Lucky S

But First on Earth as Vampire sent, 
Thy Corpse shall from thy tomb be rent, 
And ghastly haunt thy native place, 
And suck the blood of all thy race! 

- Lord Byron, The Giaour (1813) 

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