Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dracula and Mina: Where Do We Go From Here?

I did a blog post a while ago about what stirs my imagination and gives me the inspiration to write the dark gothic romantic horror that I write.
The novel, Dracula and particularly the film: Bram Stoker's Dracula are the two key examples responsible for that inspiration. In fact, The Fourth Bride (of Dracula) was inspired by that film! That is Book 4 in The Blackstone Vampires Series, AMAZON  $2.99 

complete series is $3.99  AMAZON.
Here are some memorable clips of Mina and Dracula from the film played with the magnificent soundtrack from Hannibal (music created especially for the film).

This particular music, along with the compilation of clips touches my soul and my heart. It demonstrates through sound and picture exactly what I endeavor to do with my fiction.
How it tears us up to see Dracula gazing at Mina. We know she reminds him of his lost love, Elizabeta. And we know too, that he can still feel genuine, gentle love. Love that is innocent and pure. That is what I find so touching. He is a creature of the damned, yet he can love!
We do know however that he is underneath it all a blood beast; a demonic shape-shifting vampire who can change at will. He's a murderous abomination. We see it and we don't forget it!
Yet, he loves! What is more tragic than that?
I just watched this clip and was moved to write this. Can there be anything more tragic than Dracula's love for this human woman? I mean it's love not lust.
It is its own heart breaking Romeo and Juliet. What is more hopeless than  these star-crossed lovers?
We see them dance amongst  candlelight, seemingly content. Yet we know they cannot be; nor can we!
What kind of trickery is this, to have a demonic vampire really feel love? And what of Mina? She loves a vampire! His blood is like wine to her, his touch is paradise--she wants no other. She seems eager to become undead if that is what her love wants!
This is dark gothic romanticsm taken to the limit. It's dark yet it makes us feel.
What else is there to explore? How much further can it go; why not find out?
Stay with me. Please come along on the journey to the ends of the earth and beyond, through all time periods as we discover the secrets of dark gothic love!

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