Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Promos Are Fun?

Are they? Only if you're very new at marketing your book. If you're not--THEN PROMOS CAN DRIVE YOU CRAZY!

Seriously, if you're short of the thousands of dollars it would take to hire competent publicity people--then you do it yourself basically. Published or not, you have to also get in there and tweet and share and whore around on whtaever social networks you're on.

I had fairly good promo results and a super one--House of Horrors went up to #2.

I did a celebratory happy dance about it. Then I continued with my promoting.

The thing is you can't do too much because people will say, "SHADDUP, ALREADY!"

Whatever you do, however you do it, the thing is YOU CANNOT MAKE PEOPLE BUY YOUR BOOKS. Some will, some won't, some almost will, some definitely won't.

YOU JUST DON'T KNOW. You can pray, you can light candles and/or do chants--whaever you like, but you cannot actually make people press 'buy' on Amazon for example.

I don't ever pray for myself. I don't think I should, not for something materialistic any way, so I don't. I pray for people, family--dogs, etc. but not for sales.

I would like to be able to use mind control, but I can't. I set out my stall usually by hard worked-on tweets and grippingly fantastic, OMG excerpts from my fiction. What people do after reading them is up to them.

I control nothing. Remember Outer Limits from years ago? WE CONTROL THE VERTICAL...WE CONTROL THE HORIZONTAL.

GOT NEWS FOR YA! If they do, they do--I control nothing. Just my own, weary self, putting up another *%&&& tweet, post, excerpt.

It ain't easy but it's part of the process. Anton Chekov, F. Scott Fitzgerald didn't have to worry about tweeting Lucky guys!

Was this a rant, not really it was an alternative way I thought of to share this past promotional period which nearly did me in. Onwards and upwards. On to my work in progress which, when it is finished will be tweeted, shared and hawked. The way it is!

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