Saturday, April 18, 2015

EXCERPT: Demon's Confessions

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“A warning before I begin. This will be difficult for you, Rose, for it involves the mention of those you knew. The saintly doctor Antor and the dear Lodge sisters whose living time was in London during the Black Death of 1348.”
 Please prepare yourself for I shall recount this as honestly as I must in order to keep fulfilling the purpose of this treatise..."


Rose and her children find themselves held captive on a ship staffed by vampires, overseen by the mad and evil demon Eco. The last time Rose saw Eco he tried to destroy the children, and now he tells her he loves her. 

“I saw you leave the house that day, Rose. That terrible day you discovered your family butchered. I saw you…” 
Eco, believing he has fallen in love with her, pens a confession documenting all sins he has committed during his immortal existence. 

From Ancient Egyptian vampire cults, Roman vampire brothels, The Dark Ages, The Crusades, The Black Death of 1348, on to his meeting with the child murderer and Satanist Gilles de Rais, and concluding with his wicked, blood-soaked affair with the Blood Countess herself, Erzebat Bathory. The pages are filled with debauchery, vice and murder – how can one stained with so much blood and evil possibly be trusted?

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