Thursday, April 2, 2015

Real Conjuring!


"This time, Joe raised both arms, shouted something, and a wind began to stir—not much at first but it became stronger until it almost knocked Hank off his feet. “Christ, what is that?” Hank turned around expecting to see damage, but there wasn’t any anywhere. “I thought…”

By the time Joe answered, there was no wind at all. “You thought it was real.”

“It felt real!”

Joe smiled. “The power of suggestion and possibly some magic, too. Let’s see—how about something really spectacular?” 

Once again, he waved his arms and said something, and animals started to appear. Hank clapped his hands like a child. It was fantastic! Mice and squirrels, small dogs, kittens, but then—! Then suddenly, there were huge animals. 

Hank’s mouth dropped open when the elephant appeared. A big, fucking elephant wearing a pink headdress and everything.

“Queenie! Trick!” Joe ordered.

The elephant obeyed that command and stood up on her hind legs. Hank looked on in amazement because it didn’t stop there. There was also an elephant handler to keep his charge in line.

And if that was incredible, there was more. Suddenly, cages full of snarling wild cats, including menacing lions and a lion tamer lined up in front of them.

Hank nearly ran from it all, but Joe said the lion tamer had everything under control. “Oh sure, kid. He’s as real as the animals. This ain’t no magic; this is conjuring—only it ain’t trickery, it’s real conjuring.”


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