Saturday, April 11, 2015


ANOTHER EXCERPT (this is from The Devil's Work which will be broadcast on tv & web this year).
"The kid wakes up during the night and finds the doll is sitting on her pillow looking at her, just staring at her and if that isn’t horrible enough it smiles and then hisses. The kid freaks, screams her goddamned head off, and both parents rush in so fast that they get stuck in the doorway, vying to be the first into their little angel’s room.

The kid is pointing but the parents don’t think much about it and they calm the little girl, but she asks them to take the doll out of her room.

“It scares me, Mommy I don’t want it in here!”

“But you like this dolly, you said you loved her!”

“No, no not anymore, she’s evil!”

“Evil? Gosh, sweetie how could a doll possibly be evil?”

The parents take the doll to their room. Now, that’s what they shouldn’t have done because the doll screws them up then. She does it while they’re asleep. She whispers in both of their ears, and what she says changes them exactly how she wants. They go from loving, normal beings, to maniacal hate-filled ones whose sole purpose is to carry out the doll’s will.

It happens in the morning. Well, over the whole of the next day actually—when they kill their own child..."

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