Wednesday, April 15, 2015

EXCERPT: A Demon's Confession

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"I am the demon, Eco. I begin at the beginning, that is, my own beginning. There was hardly a time when the world did not know my name or the nature of my existence.

I have been feared, hated and condemned to Hell. Yet, what is Hell to me but another place I call home?

Demon though I am, my roots are in heaven; my father’s former stomping ground for Father was one of God’s own angels, as Louis’ father was. Sad to say, they backed the losing side for they chose Lucifer. Yes, he who is called Satan now was Lucifer before the fall.

You know whereof I speak. That great fall from grace—the plunge away from the light of God and all that goes with it. Louis has told you already of the battle in Heaven and of the sides that were taken.

They were banished for it. No more were they to see Heaven’s light, nor be amongst their angelic brethren. No, they were to be punished severely.

“Go now, you pestilence, follow he whom you have chosen as master!”

And so they fell to Earth and Lucifer fell with them.

“I saw him fly past. I never took my eyes off of him!” So was my father’s testimony to me.

But if his supporters found themselves on Earth, Lucifer did not.

They watched horror-struck as a great chasm opened.

“See how he falls into it!” they cried.

“Yes,” my father told me. “We could see the flames and feel the heat. He looked up at us once before he vanished. His shout was like a thousand knives: “You will know me as Satan now! Satan forever condemned to exist apart from mankind!”


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