Sunday, August 16, 2015


Was a work of love. I've always wondered about those three wives of Dracula. Just what did they get up to? I wondered where they came from and how they came to be vampires. And really, if I was wondering about that I was also wondering about Dracula. I had so many questions. What was he like before becoming a vampire? What were his parents like and the time he lived in?

Yes, it is touched upon in Bram Stoker's novel and in film versions, but it's not detailed. I also wondered how Dracula became a vampire. I've connected that to his attendance (which is depicted by Bram Stoker in Dracula) at a school of the occult in Scholomance, Transylvania, as mentioned in my previous post.

There's a storyline there that explains a lot. And although I was scrupulous in details about getting the story right (not diluted), I did not stint on sex and graphic violence. Let's face it, these vampires are beings from hell. They are demonic and though they lust after one another (and boy, do they ever) they do it in their own way; hence the sex and violence. When they feed they aren't delicate. These are not vegetarian vampires.

I have also given Dracula a very good reason for wanting to go to England. He wishes to raise a vampire army because of something he saw; something that horrified him. After seeing this horror, he begins to write letters. Dia, the fourth bride is witness to it. She also sees Jonathan Harker arrive.
She doesn't see Van Helsing, but she is told by Dracula's loyal Szagany Gypsies every detail, including Dracula's 'death.'

My main objective was to write a novel that embellishes the novel Bram Stoker wrote. I also wished to entertain modern readers. The wives, the blood the sex, the hideous existence of Dracula and his wives are all there. It was why I wrote the book. Darkness is at the core of my writing, but wishing to get Dracula right was the core objective of my writing, The Fourth Bride (of Dracula)!

The Fourth Bride is on offer now for 99 cents at Amazon. If you ever wanted to know more of Dracula existence, living and undead, then look no further!

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