Wednesday, August 12, 2015


From "The Devil's Work" which will be televised and broadcast on the web later this year.

"They called him the Great Carelli, master of magick and sorcerer extraordinaire. Carelli was a great showman and if that wasn’t enough, he was also a gifted toymaker. His dolls were much sought after. Sadly they were; sadly, because Carelli was also an avowed Satanist and had been for centuries.

“Bah! Satanism! They have it all wrong! The only true things are the pacts.” He recalled his own, made long ago in a cave in Europe; one of the many gateways to hell. Yes, those are genuine.

“I will serve you always Master!” There’s a hell of a lot of bright light and the shadowy figure of he who was known as Satan.

“Go forth and do my bidding.”

He did and he would. And why not? He’d live forever after all, not a bad trade off as he saw it. Besides, what was a soul worth? You go to church all your life and when you die you’re food for the worms. He couldn’t see it.

There was logic there and Satan was pleased.

“You will continue with your pursuits.”

And so he did, but instead of fashioning ordinary dolls he made magical ones; very special dolls he had blessed with his own breath, beautiful dolls to do Satan’s work. Well perhaps not that beautiful, it was the eyes. They looked as though they opened into hell with the glint of madness and depravity. Still, they appealed and that’s what counted.

And because circuses were always popular, he performed in them; it was a good way to spread the word through his little satanic gofers: his dolls.

Of course it didn’t always go smoothly; there were the Burning Times when many an innocent oddball came under the scrutiny of witch hunters. But bear in mind not all witch investigations were erroneous. They got some genuine witches, only they never got Carelli. No, Carelli continued on following his Master’s wishes, spreading evil wherever he could.

His dolls could be found wherever there was trouble, wherever humanity suffered terrible horror: war, famine, genocide—those were always big favorites with the dark side. Some things never change.

More recently, he was doing better than ever, travelling the American circuit. Yes, he liked America. Everyone wanted so much; they never seemed to be satisfied. Every apostate knew yearning and temptation often lead to damnation. Score another one for Satan.

As for Carelli, he loved his existence; he loved travelling around performing his magic, wowing the suckers with real magick. Oh hell yes, he actually made things appear, small animals mostly, little creatures that used to be called familiars. He wowed the folks with that.

Yet if he was special so was his circus. Well, any circus composed solely of demons is by its very definition unique..."


Just one of the stories in Carole Gill's House of Horrors 

In this horror collection you'll find stories of vampires, zombies, murderous midgets, demon clowns, evil dolls, haunted cemeteries, a real shop of horrors, taxidermy gone haywire, serial killers and more! 

There is even my favorite story which is about coming to change the world forever. 


"There is no doubt that she soars above the endless parade of independent horror authors to shine as a true star in the darkness. With the brilliant anthology House of Horrors she proves why she is a perennial favorite. To put it simply, this is a great assembly of tales anyone would be proud to have in their collection"

~Joshua Skye 

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