Tuesday, August 25, 2015

About Satan's Blood Club

Serious devil worship was what some aristocrats wanted. And they went to 'Lord' Eco to request them. More confessions from Eco's journal:

"Yes, Satan’s Blood Club—now that was an interesting enterprise. One of the most evil, decadent clubs I have ever had anything to do with. The membership was entirely composed of aristocrats and their friends: bankers, writers, actors and a sprinkling of some members of parliament. Shocked? I would think you are. It was far worse than an existing club. 

The Hellfire Club was more for naughty, dirty-minded toffs than anything else. Rampant, non vampiric sexual orgies and silly schoolboy anti-religious antics were all the membership was concerned with.

Some visiting lords told me: “We grew bored when we saw they had no intention at all of sacrificing anyone or summoning demons, so we left!”

I had heard gossip about this but didn’t tell them as they seemed to be delighted to share what they thought was a secret with me.

“You were quite right to leave,” I replied. “And you have come to the right place.”

I began entertaining them in our private parlor. This was a rather ornately furnished lounge that was not part of the actual brothel.

The purpose of having the parlor within the brothel was two-fold. We lived there and anyone such as these two gentlemen got quite an eyeful when they came. So whatever business a caller came about, well, they knew where they were, shall we say.

Our vampiric wenches began to perform for them as soon as they stepped inside. In no time, we witnessed the most depraved orgies.

They were always grateful; in fact, they were intrigued with me. They considered me one of their own. Truth be told, I did let them think I was something of an aristocrat from France.

They didn’t like France or the French, being the Englishmen they were, but one title respected another as so often happens.

“You know,” Lord Leighton said. “There are things occurring in France now that are quite remarkable. I have heard about satanic practices that are held by the landed gentry, going so far up as the king.”

This was nothing new to me, which I told them. “Nearly a century ago,” I said, “there were plots and satanic practices, along with poisonings and such. The king’s own mistress was involved and a black arts practitioner known as La Voisin. It was really something.”

So thrilled they were that I told them all I knew, which wasn’t that much more, other than to say that a number of beheadings had resulted from this.

Yes, those Frenchies do have something of an affinity for that.

“I, too, provide a similar service, although perhaps our practice is a bit more contained,” I offered.

They exchanged looks a few times, which was not lost on me. At last, one of them, the older of the two lords, said what was on his mind. “We’d like to engage your services, Lord Eco, for our club, you see. We’re just beginning to organize ourselves now. It’ll be held at my country home in Kent, a secluded spot with its own caves that don’t have to be dug out, as they are already accessible. They go back to Roman and Druid times.”

He looked quite proud when he said that..."


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