Thursday, August 20, 2015


A popular novelist of vampire romantic fiction and her boyfriend happily accept an invitation to a most noteworthy party. 
Excerpt, Truth Hurts:

“I will need a volunteer please.”

One of the Goth sisters stood up.

“You’ll love this, Desiree!” Max whispered.

Tony waved his arms and the woman began to slowly lift off the floor. Desiree watched in amazement as she rose ever higher.

“Remarkable, isn’t it?”

Desiree turned to answer Max, but that’s when she noticed Greg and the men were gone. This didn’t surprise her but Scott wasn’t there either. And what was worse, both of the Goth girls were gone as well.

What to do?  She couldn’t rush off to search for him, not until this damned magic act was over. So she bided her time, tapping her Jimmy Choo shoes and trying not to look too upset. At last it ended.

“Pardon me I’m just going to see where my young friend is!”

Tony, ever the gallant host offered to help her look. “It’s quite a big place.”

They began searching and when Tony saw her glance up the stairs he suggested they go look there as well.

She took the stairs two at a time.

“There are ten bedrooms in all.”

He was telling her more, but she didn’t care. She didn’t even hear him as she rushed to open each door. When they reached the last room, Tony took her arm. “This is the master suite Des—are you sure you want to go in?”

She glared at him. “I am going in!”

He opened the door for her.


Her accusatory scream died in her throat—her horror took it away, as her eyes beheld Scott lying naked in the bed with two women. But he wasn’t getting his jollies. His body had been torn open,"

"There is no doubt that she soars above the endless parade of independent horror authors to shine as a true star in the darkness. With the brilliant anthology House of Horrors she proves why she is a perennial favorite. To put it simply, this is a great assembly of tales anyone would be proud to have in their collection"

~Joshua Skye

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