Sunday, November 20, 2016

99 cents Sunday - Saturday I, BATHORY, QUEEN OF BLOOD

Countess Erzsebet Bathory was real. She is history's notorious 'Blood Countess.' A sexual sadist and mass murderer, she believed bathing in blood was the secret of eternal youth. She killed hundreds of serving girls in order to bathe in their blood, but she also enjoyed torturing them. She was a human monster of that there is no question. But what if she was turned into a vampire and thus became immortal? What then?

That is what this novel is about. Her creator and then lover, Anton, does just that. And so an immortal blood monster begins to stalk the world!


"For the first few years, my sole focus was on you. There was no one I wished to be with more. But then, in time, something began to happen, to take hold of me. My worst fear was realized, for now, after so many years, I once again wished to kill. Not for feeds either, but for pleasure. For torturous delight! All the old urges were returning and I found myself powerless to do anything about them. 

Once, when you left to visit Jacques, I gave in to those murderous desires! Your coven had followed him to Brussels so you left me in the care of Lucerne. “Take good care of her,” you told her, and she promised she would. How were you to know what would happen? When I told her how I longed to hunt for prey, she looked thrilled. 

She confessed she liked doing that although she had never done what I had. You see, Anton, I had told her who I’d been in life! You eventually found that out and nearly destroyed me for lying. But in time it became just one more lovers’ quarrel. I soon discovered something new. It was more fun acquiring prey myself. Nothing gave me more pleasure than getting my own victims! Sometimes I’d go to their homes and gain entrance by asking if I could come in. A lady in distress, they thought, poor gallant fools—and so they asked me in. 

In a matter of moments, they were drained. Once, Lucerne and I went through five adult males. Handsome they were, naked and drained..."


 5 stars! A blood-soaked rendition of the fictional life of a real-life multiple murderer, history's 'Countess Dracula'

5 stars! Vampires and blood baths!

Solid Gothic horror from Gill.

99 cents Nov 20-26

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