Friday, July 1, 2016

So Much Coming Up!

There's an anthology entitled Killing it Softly that will be composed of female horror authors that's on its way. I'm very excited about that!

Another story is part of The Fragments of Fear project! That will be on local tv and web. You can keep up with their posts at the link above.

Plus, I have collaborated with multi-published author, Brian L. Porter on a book that's being published by Creativia! That should be out soon.

Also there is another project that I am working on with a very talented artist, author and Hammer Films maven, Charles Butler!

And if all that isn't enough, there's the Bathory book being prepared for release!

I am also working on my new book. So I'm still here, writing and starting to enjoy it again. I did a post last week about not having fun with it anymore and the support was phenomenal. Thanks for that. I believe in positive energy working and it's had a profound effect on me.

I'm back! I really feel I am!

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