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Meet Creativia Author, Margaret A. Millmore!

Margaret A. Millmore is a native Californian and currently resides in San Francisco with her husband and two cats. She is the author of seven books (two novels, one three book series, and books one and two of her new Ghost Killer series): Doppelganger Experiment (World Castle Publishing, September 2011; republished via Amazon Digital Services, January 2014), The Four Series – Book I, II and III (World Castle Publishing 2012/13, republished via Amazon Digital Services,  October 2015), The Dragonfly Door (Amazon Digital Services, October 2013), What Haunts Me (Ghost Killer – Book 1) (Amazon Digital Services, November  2014 and republished via Creativia Publishing, December 2015), The Edge of the Cemetery (Ghost Killer – Book 2)  (via Creativia Publishing, June 2016). My books are set in San Francisco (with the exception of The Four Series).

Doppelganger Experiment:

The Four Series

Ray Bradbury wrote: “My stories run up and bite me on the leg - I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.” It’s like that for me, stories have been running up and biting me all my life, and when they did, I wrote them down and filed them away. But like many authors, writing wasn’t to be my immediate destiny and instead I pursued a different career path.

When the opportunity arose for me to write full time, I jumped at it (and I re-examined all those “bite” scars for stories that I could now pursue). Some of my earlier works are reflective of those bites, but my most recent work, the Ghost Killer Series, came from an entirely different source.
During the completion of my novel, The Dragonfly Door (2013), my husband regaled me with a strange dream he’d had, he thought it was right up my alley (and he was right!). I wrote down his dream and didn’t give it another conscious thought, however, my subconscious was quite excited about the new idea and while I was working on TDD, my brain was hatching the Ghost Killer series.

When I finally sat down to write the story, which I’d originally intended as a single novel, I realized it had grown and was still growing and the series was born.

To date there are two books, What Haunts Me (Ghost Killer Book 1) which is the introduction to the characters and story line as well as the beginning of the adventures of the ghost killers and their friends. The Edge of the Cemetery (Ghost Killer Book 2) is a bit darker as George, Billy and the Watchers hunt down a nasty demon who is terrorizing the Bay Area. See below for a more detailed synopsis of both books.

I’m currently working on book three, which is taking its own strange twist from the annals of my family history. In 1915 my grandfather rode his bicycle from Pennsylvania to San Francisco, he detailed his journey via letters home to his father and sister. I’d always found this bit of family history fascinating and often thought (way before the GK series was conceived) that it would be fun and interesting to incorporate his journey in a fiction tale. I’m not sure where this idea will take me as far as combining my grandfather’s journey and the ghost killer’s adventures, but it’s certainly going to be fun ride.

What Haunts Me (Ghost Killer – Book 1) by Margaret Millmore

The ghosts that wander among the living do not haunt in the traditional sense; instead, they plague the innocent with disease, deformity and addiction. And once a ghost finds its victim, it will haunt them for a lifetime... or kill them quickly. 

After George gets ill, the dreams begin. Suppressed memories are triggered, allowing him to see ghosts, and a deeply buried instinct emerges. George finds out he can kill these monsters, and heal their victims. The ability to save lives is something George cannot ignore, but it soon becomes an obsession and begins to eat away at his sanity.

His quest for understanding leads him to new friends and allies, and exposes him to enemies he could have never imagined. In the end, can you really ever kill something that’s already dead?

Edge of the Cemetery (Ghost Killer – Book 2) by Margaret Millmore

When George Sinclair discovered he could see these ghosts, and more importantly, he could kill them and save their victims, his life changed from ordinary to extraordinary, he'd become a ghost killer, one of the most powerful to be born in some time. George has embraced this new life and now works alongside his new friends, Billy Wilkinson and Phil James. Together they assist the Watchers, an international group of ghost killers and supernatural experts who monitor the world for ghostly sightings and demon infestations to maintain the balance between the living and the dead.

When San Francisco and the surrounding area are suddenly plagued by rogue groups of ghosts and demons, who appeared to have a leader of sorts, a 17th century musketeer demon, the Watchers know it isn't random, nor was it the usual form in which ghosts and demons prefer to haunt. These monsters were also possessing their victims and forcing them to hurt others, and once the ghost killers 

arrived, the demons directed their human weapons on them. The question was, who was this musketeer demon and why was he directing these attacks?

As George, Billy, Phil and the Watchers investigate, they discover the 17th century demon is teamed up with a teenage boy, who they come to realize is a powerful ghost killer himself and more importantly, they believe he is being controlled by the demon and is now using its energy to kill people at will. Their search for the teenager and his demon lead them to the discovery of an enemy from their past and a mysterious prophecy. As they decipher the true meaning of the prophecy, they uncover a plot for murderous revenge involving a secret vault containing numerous malevolent souls and a plan to return those wicked dead to human form as directed by Satan himself. Unfortunately, they also discover the true purpose of the demon musketeer's involvement, which is to become one with the powerful teenage ghost killer, creating a monster that cannot be defeated. With the clock ticking against them, they must find the vault and destroy it before it can be opened and kill the demon and his teenage host.  

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