Friday, July 17, 2015


Excerpt: From Circus of Horrors

"They didn’t speak much; in fact, that was the only conversation they had other than what Lucy said she wanted him to do to her. He obeyed happily. And when he was finished, she said, “Now, relax…” And he complied, as she did all the work.

Both offered proclamations of undying love—sweet and moving. And it helped; boy, did it ever.

He kissed her long and hard. “I love you, Lucy… I always will.”

They kissed again and he left.

He had no idea Dorinda had come out from under the bed, nor did he know she was his regular succubus. Both Dorinda and Lucy giggled about it, that and the special drink Fred had taken..."

Then they kissed. In a moment, they were doing it too—whatever they could do as women. Then, when they both began to change into men and after that, into various animals, they continued to copulate however such creatures were wont to do.

The last transformation occurred when Lucy turned into a great winged creature and flew outside with Dorinda accompanying her..."

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